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2 points

No, I don’t think the government should secretly monitor suspicious individuals. At least not anyone born of this country, because we all have rights, and we should embrace them. If the government secretly starts watching people that seem suspicious, how do you know they wont monitor you? I'm saying if they can monitor someone’s privacy they can ruin all of ours. If we give them the okay then that’s just going to be the foundation for them. We wouldn’t feel safe so we would want security, but after some time they’re going to use it on all of us. To keep us in check, in line.

1 point

I feel neutral in this argument, but in the end I would probably choose having a lousy father other than having no father at all. There are thousand's of men having a lousy father that have succeeded in life. Succeeded in not being like their father. In a way someone could use their lousy father as an example of what not to be in the future. So either way your father teaches you something, you may not understand it at a young age, but its there. If you had no father, then who would you look up to? Who would you have to set examples? Both bad and good examples. Having a lousy father could teach you what not to be, teach you to become a better man thus a better father. They even made up a bad name for being fatherless!

1 point

If my wife committed murder and told me, I would ask her some questions. It all depends on why she committed the murder. If she committed the murder out of stupid reasons like the lady wore the same outfit as me, then yes I would turn her in. I wouldn't want some over the top crazy person sleeping next to me or taking care of my children. I would turn her to an asylum, that’s where I would turn her in. But to be honest if it was out of a grudge, or she was some super spy and someone saw her, or the person she killed was a bad person: selfish, greedy, and cynical. Then no I would not turn my wife in, I would help the situation in every possible way that I could.

1 point

The type of endeavor that is better is a personal pursuit. I think once everyone goes into their own personal pursuit, everything would fall into place. For example getting into college is a personal pursuit, you have to have good grades to get in. Sure advancing the common good is probably the right way to go but let’s face the facts not everyone is going to go for that. Most of the times helping yourself is the first thing you must do before helping others. So in conclusion I guess I could go both ways, but in this way, you have to go your own ways, your own personal pursuit, before advancing to the common good.

2 points

I strongly agree that Shakespeare’s works should continue to be studied at the highs school level. Shakespeare’s impact in the English department is like Michael Jordan’s on basketball or Tiger Woods on golf. Shakespeare’s work is pure genius and every high school student should have the chance of studying it. Studying his work really defines breaking down complex readings, and really trying to understand it. Studying his work could really benefit every student’s outlook on English.

1 point

Heres my two cents into this argument, to be honest i don't know both candidates very well. I figured i wasn't old enough to vote so i didn't get involved in this. But if i was old enough i would probably choose Obama, because America isn't heading to a very bright future. With McCain as president i don't feel much changes will be made. So its time to make history and make changes, i feel Obama should be president because he represents "change." And in these shady times, i feel we need a change.

-1 points

I think its better to be well respected than to be wealthy, because money just does not cut it on everything. Money cant buy you friends, love, and happiness. Respect can get you all of the above. You can get a lot of things done with money but what happens when you die, people are only going to mourn to get the money, who cares about you once your dead. To be respected is to be remembered after death, to be mourned after you and not what you had. While your, living, people are just going to be trying to get after the wealth in your life, if your respected they respect you, and things are much better said and done.

1 point

Superman is "AMAZING," he's everyones perfect ideal of a super-hero. He can pretty much do everything, x-ray vision, superhuman strength, super-fast, can fly, and so on... But I believe Batman is more heroic then Superman. Don't get me wrong Superman is a great hero and all, but Batman really is something else. Batman is a human, he is one of us. What makes Batman so heroic is even though he has no superpowers hes still out there fighting crime, doing all to protect the people, and save the world.

0 points

Like johsanchez1 said, "A beaten dog may fear you but when your back is turned it will bite you."

-3 points
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