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1 point

The murders of a person is a crime that cant be overlook, to sleep next to a person who has commited this crime, and you knowing about makes you as much responsible as that persons.

1 point

Our animal insctinc is survival, its what makes us flinch wen we see something coming at ous it makes us react faster, our mental state changes. In todays post modern world, our instinc have change into keep obtaining money to keep ous alive. times change but our desire to survive above other is still thier.

1 point

sheakespeare is a great example of european litarature in a highschool level we should be obtaining knowledge from a person who life can be told from his litearature, their is great examples and insparation in his writting.

1 point

we independently have a diffrent tought of freedom. depending in youre past to are raised with a tought that freedom is our country to be able to vote, others might think freedom is the choice to do what we want wen we want it, the ability to chose our future.

2 points

our next president should be obama in my opinion becouse we need some kind of change and step into a diffrent path that could understant we the young people, and obama seems to have a better understanding of our school needs and future .

2 points

wealthy and respect come hand in hand you can have one without the other. in order for a person to become a wealthy you would need to be a high CEO of a company, that comes with lots of respect from other that see you in a high position. in the crime you receive respect from others wen you move up ranks, thats how crime bosses come to be.

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