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1 point

I worked with different low code platforms. They differ quite a bit in what they can and can't do.

The major benefit of these platforms is that, given a relatively simple database application, they allow for rapid development. Many platforms also allow modular integration which means you can develop a number of smaller applications that can work together to achieve a bigger goal.

1 point

Freelancer works for some.

In fact most freelance sites work for the very top on the platform that makes the most on the platform. However, with Freelancer the challenge is that from the outside it appears that there is very little activity on the platform compared to the amount of signed up users.

1 point

Last one I designed and built took 3 months but there was a lot of steel and alterations involved and awkward stairs to build plus it came with a en-suite and built in dressing rooms.

1 point

Android TV devices. This is a HUGE category due to the number of manufactures in China that build Android boxes. However, we can easily narrow this category down by only looking at Google Certified Android TV devices. Regardless of how many “China built” boxes say that they’re Google Certified, don’t fall for that. For years, China has been selling boxes into the US with Spyware and other malware programs built in- designed to pirate the IPTV streams that you are watching and provide that data back to them.

1 point

Hi, I would obviously share my personal experience because I used to deal with real professionals. You see, check out for such development ​ and should say they are real experts. I got the best product and results are beyond any means. Hope it can help

1 point

Yes… but there’s the right way and the wrong way.

The right way is uncommon, that is to get YouTube Red, which costs money monthly, and download videos like that.

The way most people do it is by simply going on your computer, searching YouTube to MP3 in Google, and using a website to convert it into the content. MP3 works if you just want audio. If you want the video screen as well, you can search YouTube to MP4, which includes video. The sites are sketchy, so make sure your computer and browser are safe before proceeding. Hope this helps.

1 point

Finding a job is always depending on the salary and work you expect. for example here in Germany it is easy to find a job, but the salary will be very low and you cant pay the rent and cost of living with a too small salary.

Similar in Canada. Lots of jobs there but you will have to work 2 or even 3 minimum pay jobs to be able to pay the rent and bills.

It is called the working poor.

1 point

It must be a fierce competition. More and more people choose to do that. I suggest that you pay more attention to some new and creative products abroad, I have seen a product in the United States, so interesting, do not need a pen can draw, do not need to have any art foundation, ordinary people can DIY within 2 hours to finish a gorgeous wall painting .It is definitely superior than wall paper and hand-painted. I bet it will be popular around the world soon. The global pioneer product is named “speed mural ”. They are now looking for distributors all over the world, maybe you can get to know it and be their distributor, it will be a good opportunity to make money.

1 point

I’m a big fan of taking style cues from Hollywood and adapting them to fit my life, so to find stylish and professional haircuts for men let’s look at a show that’s become a bastion of men’s professional fashion: Suits.

1 point

What kind of app do you need? Have you already define the concept of your idea? I hope you understand that the idea can cost a lot. My advice is to deal with some reliable developers because this is the key to some cool product. Check out that resource and be aware of the most trendiest way. Hope it can help

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