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Kuklapolitan's Reward Points: 4313

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Americans are the most hated people in the world
1 Added Argument was hitler really that bad?
1 Added Argument Do you wish for the world to end in your lifetime?
1 Added Argument Should the Armed Forces Recruiting age lower?
1 High Rated Argument Are Liberals hypocrites?
1 High Rated Argument Are Liberals hypocrites?
1 High Rated Argument Is Glen Beck crazy?
2 High Rated Argument Do You Think I DeanN..... Should Leave CreateDebate?
1 Added Argument Should persons not knowing medicine ( non-doctors)teach budding medical doctors in India?
1 Added Argument Texting in the company of others
1 Added Argument Exactly just how accurate is gaydar?
1 Added Argument DO YOU FEAR DEATH?
3 High Rated Argument Is water wet?
1 Added Argument Cigarette Taxes: Do they really want you to quit smoking?
0 Added Argument ABBREVATE L G B T I
0 Added Argument Comment on the picture
1 Added Argument Are girls on debate websites physically unnatractive?
1 High Rated Argument I Hate Downvotes Without Rebuttals or For No Reason
0 Added Argument With whom can we share nad care freely?
1 Added Argument Why is it that people like government so much?
1 Added Argument What you do to your friends if they turn out to be betrayers?
1 Added Argument Should we necessarily respect our elders even if they are not good in character?
1 Added Argument Am I right to dislike white people?
1 Added Argument Do women take it as a challenge to get a gay guy to change teams?
0 Added Argument Would u be considered a metrosexual if u allowed another guy to go down on you f
0 Created Debate Can Straight People Actually Go Gay?
0 Added Argument If a girl doesn't swallow and choses instead to spit it out, is she considered bulimic?
1 Added Argument Who is more important to society?
1 Added Argument what do you think of the people who keeps crying for every small reason
1 Added Argument if you are a man then prove that you are a man
1 Added Argument What's the most important thing about a debate?
1 Added Argument Which is better... the book or the movie?
1 Added Argument Can gays go straight?
1 Added Argument charlie chaplin or jim carey
1 Added Argument Has Obama really done anything?
1 Added Argument Why are homosexuals so intolerant?
2 Added Argument Positive Reinforcement
1 Added Argument WHo is the best- Gandhiji vs Hitler
1 Added Argument Do We Really Need Meat?
1 Added Argument Smart Car or Mini Cooper?
0 Added Argument Does Mii Mii have a big head or not??
5 Created Debate How long will it take for us to admit we cannot win this war?
1 Added Argument Do you text and drive?
1 Added Argument What do you like the most? Winning or losing?
1 Added Argument Is Joe Cavalry pregnant?
2 Added Argument Homework
1 Added Argument Who is more muscular: Arnold or Ronnie Coleman?

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