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BookBird101's Reward Points: 574

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument What do you want your wedding song to be?/What was your wedding song?
1 Added Argument Is it wrong to have children?
1 Added Argument Is it bad to be predictable?
1 Added Argument All things work together for the good of those who love God.
1 Added Argument I renounce all religious labels. All that matters is my relationship with Yeshua.
2 Added Argument Age of Voting
1 Added Argument Technology in Middle School
1 Added Argument It is a fact that we are all one human race.
1 Added Argument Chicken nuggets are awesome
1 Added Argument Mountain Dew or Root Beer
5 Created Debate Canada or the US?
5 Created Debate Is music these days better than it was before?
2 Added Argument Why are so many Members here - Fixated on Religion?
1 Added Argument Which is better, anime or cartoons?
1 Added Argument Can being too nice lead to easy manipulation?
2 Added Argument Who would win in an epic showdown, batman or Ironman
1 Added Argument Should religion be a private matter?
1 Added Argument Is society collapsing?
2 Added Argument Was the bombing or Hiroshima and Nagasaki necessary?
1 Added Argument Should parents bribe their children?
1 Added Argument If a teacher cannot teach their students should they be fired?
1 Added Argument Should schools teach a new universal language in addition to their current language?
1 Added Argument Will technology eventually take over our lives?
1 Added Argument What is most important in life?

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