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 Will mass market beat luxury brands completely? (4)

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Will mass market beat luxury brands completely?

So, mass market and fast fashion definitely is beating all the designer fashion brands all over the world, people don't want to waste that much money on clothes and accessories anymore so what will happen to the luxury fashion industry in the nearest future in your opinion?
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I don't know exactly. As for me, I use only mass-market clothes. And all of my friends are too.

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I don't think that the mass market is able to beat luxurious brands because rich people will always want exclusive clothes and they are ready to pay a lot for them. I also like unique dresses and I found a way how to buy them cheaply. If you want to know about it, you should read more info about Louis Vuitton replica and get it.

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I'm studying fashion designing and recently, I'm doing an assignment on the topic significance of fashion in this contemporary world. I was looking for relative data and came across this site, I must say it is really great in content. I hope that this can be a good reference for my assignment.

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The HAUTeLUXE™ series: Step 5 – Meet the Family and Friends by Philippe Mihailovich | April 13, 2010 By approaching brand building like the stages of a love story, each extract from Philippe Mihailovich forthcoming book argues that luxury branding is more about human relationships, passion, desire, love, trust, family, kinship, honour and heritage than the mass market theories often used by companies today.

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