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 Which countries are the best casinos? (2)

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Which countries are the best casinos?

I see many laudatory odes for casinos in Canada or Malaysia. What are the criteria for assessing the effectiveness of such a casino? Where to go to make you as comfortable as possible. This is an important question and I am ready to discuss.
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I can add my two cents here. The Internet is a global system. It doesn't matter where you play. If you like the site, then welcome))) There are small characteristic features in the language and design of such sites, depending on the country. But nothing more. I prefer Europe as a standard - As a rule, these sites are designed for a wide range of players and have a user-friendly interface.

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Of the five most populated countries - China, India, United States, Indonesia, and Brazil - only the U.S. and India have licensed casinos, and there are only a few in India. Of course, China is a major feeder market for other Asian gambling jurisdictions including the special administrative region of Macau, the Philippines, and South Korea.

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