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 This is how we use emojis in digital marketing [Infographic] (3)

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This is how we use emojis in digital marketing [Infographic]


Oxford chose the most used emoji in the United Kingdom and in the United States. According to mobile tech company Swiftkey , the tear- stained face represents 20% of the emoji symbols used in the UK and 17% in the United States

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11:49 PM - Aug 12, 2015

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This post helped me to understand the importance of the usage of emojis in digital marketing. cbd benefits Now I know that infographics play a vital role in digital marketing and it can help the growth of the business too.

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Just like the significance of colors in digital marketing or the impact of sonic branding, Emojis too play an important role. In this post, I’ll cover,-what are emojis-emoji in architecture-advantages & disadvantages of emojis-emojis in email marketing & push notifications-emojis in social media-how you can effectively use emojis.

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