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 Is there a phone number for HP printer support? (5)

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Is there a phone number for HP printer support?

It is sure that one should confirm this thing to dial their phone number for HP printer support.  As you interact in our team, our team member provides instant solution to overcome pitfall.

Is there a phone number for HP printer support?

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After updating my Windows 10 to its most recent version, my connected HP printer is now unable to take any of my printing command. I searched Google for this, and found that this is due to the driver issue. Also, I come to know that, I can download HP printer’s driver and related software from 123.HP.Com/Setup. But, I don’t know how to download driver from this site. Please could someone please assist me regarding this as I wanted to continue my printing work as soon as possible.

Supporting Evidence: 123.HP.Com/Setup (
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