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 How do teachers face students who make mistakes? (6)

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How do teachers face students who make mistakes?

First, change the mindset school, the classroom is the place where the error is allowed, the student is the person who is allowed to make mistakes. Many times, mistakes are the price and nutrition of student growth.


Students often make mistakes, what about our teachers? Some people have made such a metaphor: just as farmers spray pesticides to deal with pests, not to deal with rice straw, teachers' criticism education can only be directed at the mistakes made by students, but not against students who have made mistakes. In other words, the teacher should stand in the same position with the students and “fight” with the mistakes and problems that the students made, in order to help the students enhance their "hostile to bug capacity" and "insusceptibility capacity". student. This requires us to think about this issue from the height of paying attention to students' "sustainable development" and "building a harmonious teacher-student relationship.


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By telling the students you made a mistake you will give them a very valuable lesson in honesty.

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