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Government should be allowed to monitor all citizens to protect our country.

... Very broad. Patriot Act? 4th Ammendment? Listening into phone calls? Warrants?



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NO WAY! We are Human beings! We have our own lives and we don't need people who think they're something special to come interrogate us and tear our homes up for a threat that's not there! God didn't make the world for us to be enslaved by a government! He didn't intend for us to have limits to where we can go! This is not man's world this is God's world! I'm so sick and tired of being tied down by a nation that will fall one day any way! I will live my way weather you like it or not! I'll lock my door, I'll believe in God where ever I want, pray where ever I want, an I will say my opinion any place I want. If you asked me if I'd die for my country, I'd say "No, I would not. I respect the soldiers who do tho. They fight cause they want to protect their family. Unfortunetly, other countries aren't the only threat to us." So there. You can have your fun in the rich houses you live in, but stay out of mine!

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