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 Car key stuck in a fob (7)

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Car key stuck in a fob

Have you ever been in such a situation? What would be the best solution in your opinion?
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It was once when I had my first car. I was very scared because then I was working as a deliveryman and the car was the only way to make money. In the end, I was helped by a policeman who was patrolling that street.

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Good afternoon! Once my key stocked in the ignition. Firstly, I was trying to watch YouTube videos to fix it but I did not get how to do it properly because the recommended pushing a button that I could not find in my car. It was a fun hour sitting and watching YouTube… Then I decided to spot that experiment and call my friend who works in a fast locksmith service. He had a day off but they sent me another specialist so he fixed it immediately. It seemed that he did the same thing from videos I’d watched but whatever I did not understand… So, maybe in such situations, it is easier to call a locksmith to save time and mental health!

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The key fob depends on communication between a transmitter and a receiver, so if one of these components is damaged, it means that your car key will not work the way it was intended. If there is something wrong with the internal electronics of your car, or if there is damage to either the receiver or transmitter, your car key will not work.

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That’s when a few numbers come in handy. I have made it a rule to have the number of an Emergency locksmith with me at all times. This is essential in situations like this and is definitely a plus to have.

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How do you test the car before buying? Are you checking the vine code?

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