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Are these points Important in SEO ?

• Effective and timely execution of link building plans.

• Timely reporting of all link building activities to internal teams Link building / off-page SEO, guest posting, content marketing, and social sharing.

• Develop processes and tools to track the team's work.

• Ensure individual goals are aligned with organizational goals.

• Coordinate with On-page SEO Team Coordinate with Content Development Team Coordinate with Social Media Team.

• Identify new trends and tactics in SEO, link building and content marketing and incorporate these into plans for the team to execute.

• Identify quality blogs for guest posting for our niche.

• Optimizing content for search engines and lead generation.

• Contributing to long-form content projects such as ebooks. Content research for Infographics.

• Outreach, Blogging & Guest Posting Outreach, network with bloggers and influencers to publish and promote content.

• Measure and track the effectiveness of blog/content topics.

• Respond promptly to blog comments, social mentions, and e-mails


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