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 Are Women Equal in Strength to Men? (6)

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Are Women Equal in Strength to Men?

Women are considered as less powerful in terms of physical and mental appearance. So, that they used to receive less privileges in comparison to their male partner. To my point of view, female are more powerful and in physical and mental aspects when compared to male partners. 

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Women are more empowered and equal to that of men. In many societies, especially of less privileged or third world countries women are still subjected to harsh treatment. They are considered as inferior or of less value when compared to male. But, that is not the fact always. There is a dire need of female empowerment here.

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Women's lower body strength tends to be more closely matched to men's, while their upper body strength is often just half that of men's upper body strength.

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Men and women are equal and should have equal opportunity. Men and women should be equal in the twenty first century because this is the century where the strength of intelligence is greater than the physical strength. In many industries female workers are far more successful than males.

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I am for equality. Man and woman complement each other. But there will be not disagreement is here It's fun portal.

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