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RSS Sdahal

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3 points

No, i think government should not be able to monitor suspicious individuals because this gives the government too much power to control over people. Then there will be no more privacy among people.They can monitor the people who have commited enough crime to harm the country but not the people who they think are the criminals.Then they will have the full authority to invade in the secret lives of any people. People will fell less protected from government whereas they should be the one to protect us from any threat.

1 point

I think it is better to be fatherless because a lousy father cannot do anything for the family.Imagine a father who is alcoholic and beats your mother, then you have no meaning of having a father.He creates violance and terror in the house and you alawys feel ashame to call him a father. It is better to be fatherless than to have a father who gives you a hard time.

1 point

Yes definately i will turn him in to the police because he has commited a murder and its a sin. Maybe if he gets arrested,he can feel guilty for what he has done and try not to repeat it again. And also how can i trust a murderer?He can even be telling a lie to me and maybe can kill me for someone else in the Just by confiding to me does not make him clean and innocent.

1 point

I think i will go with personal persuit because no matter what we do we think of ourself first. I think its the human nature.But personal pursuit does not mean being selfish and only caring about oneself.I need to think about me first,success and then think of others. Everyone does think of themselves before thinking about others. First i need to make me happy to make others happy. This way i can make my life better and be who i am.

1 point

Yes, I think Shakespeare's works should continue to be studied at the high school because it is the greatest literary work ever written. The works by Shakespeare has a great standerd that is even read by college students and it gives the high school students the opportunity to practice. His plays are intesesting if we take time to read and think about it .I think it can help us to think deep and out of the simple stuffs. I have read his plays and sometimes it can be funny and sometimes it can be serious.Its the type that all like.

1 point

Yes I do agree with Jean- Paul Sartre because freemdom does mean to do what we want to do without any rules or regulations. But certain times we need to follow rules.If we follow th rules then we are free to whatever we like.

1 point

I think obama should be the next president. He is a good candidate and has better ability to do something for our country.He has better policies related to health and education.He wants to help people mainly lower class and they really need help.So i think it is time for all of us to change and try to have something new. I think no one wants to have same president as President Bush again right.

1 point

It is better to be wealthy beacuse when you are rich, you have power, money, respect and everything a person needs to be well respected. This means that when a person is wealthy, they are automatically well respected by the people. They are respected no matter what they do because they have power and money.

0 points

I think batman is more heroic than superman because even he is an ordinary person like us, he is brave and fights for justice without any super powers.He still faces dangerous situations and help people. Batman has more self confidence because who would fight for a crime if they know that they are going to die anytime?

1 point

I think for me it is better to b loved than feared because being loved gives satisfaction. When you are feared you only get false affection and trust from others. When someone fear us we are only creating hate insted of love.

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