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1 point

I think that if the government was going to impose something of this nature than they would have to have very strict and defined guide lines as to who and who is not considered suspicious. If the government made an exact legal line that should not be crossed than I don't see any problem with people being monitored if they do something that blatantly crosses that line.

1 point

When I think of a lousy father, I think of a father that really has no feelings for his child and trully doesnt care about them, I think of a father that puts his own needs before the needs of his child, and spends most of his time neglecting the son because he is off pursing his own goals.

With that in mind I believe that it would be better to not have a father at all than to have a father that acted in this manner simply because I believe there will be nothing good that comes from a relationship like that except negativity and animosity. All the (good times) that a normal father and son would share are instead replaced with regret and anger. It would be better for a persons character development to never have to put up with all those negative situations. Besides that you can't miss what you never had.

0 points

It really depends on what had happened, she would have to tell me the story and I would have to be able to sympathize with her and understand why she did what she did. If I truly felt that she was remorseful for what she did and I can sympathize with her about why she committed murder than maybe I could forgive her and not turn her in.

2 points

While i know that honestly i will spend my life chasing after my own personal goals, i know that it would be better for the world as a whole if i worked towards the common good of all people. My main goal in life is to be happy and even though me being happy is not in the greater good of the rest of the world, I feel as people we need to take care of ourselves before we can worry about others. While the ideal for working towards the greater good is noble, it just isnt for me. I just want to be happy and do what is good for me.

1 point

The works of Shakespeare are very important to know about. His writings were completely revolutionary and completely changed how stories were written. Seeing as how Shakespeare is practically a house hold name and most of his works are very popular, it completely makes sense to me that we should continue to study his works and come to understand them and there significance

1 point

I believe freedom is being able to do anything that you want to do. I believe if you are trully free than no one else can do anything to you that limits your freedom. If you are truly free it won't matter what has been done to you because only you will have control of what you are capable of.

0 points

i honestly dont know enouh about either to make a confident decision, all i know is i dont want anything remotely like bush in office, considering both are going to do just as badly, i figure ill go with who ever is standing behind change because change is something i know for sure we need. I realize that this approach might be his whole propoganda angle to try and connect with me, but I just figure he will be the lesser of 2 evils.

1 point

This country is a very troubled place, we have a lot of problems that need to be fixed, alot of things that need to be changed. On a personal level i do not like either of them,but i feel that Obama is gonna change things for the better in favor of more of the middle and lower class people.

0 points

batman is much more heroic simply because he doesnt have any actually super powers. he is just a regular guy who took on the responsibilty of fixing his city.

2 points

I feel that a good school can not only bring the creativity out of you, but give you chances to use your creativity and help you expand you creativeness. People need school to help give them what it takes to be creative. School gives you knowledge and knowledge is power, a power that will give you more options and choices including your expressions of creativity.

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