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RSS Richardt

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The profiles would have to be confidential meaning they are only for the eyes of airport officials or the FBI. Judgements on whether passengers should be allowed onboard the plane have to be based on criminal records and past transgressions, not on race or ethnicity. This method might not be the most effective, but it is fair for everyone and works to prevent criminals endangering a flight.

1 point

Whether torturing is good or bad is a matter of morals. Testing someone's endurance or will power is inhumane. Even if torturing someone results in vital information, it does not make that act of torturing any more right. Even if that information might save lives, the suffering of one life for the sake of many still is not justified. Alternative methods could be used that do not result in injustice.

2 points

Allowing students to go to any high school they wanted to leads to multiple negative consequences. Popular schools would have too many kids in them, while unpopular schools would have few to none students. Also, public schools are funded by the tax payers within a certain area. If out-of-area students decided they wanted to go to that certain high school, then they are basically receiving free education because their parents aren't paying that high school. Not only will schools suffer but students will as well. It would be harder for students to hang out at their friends' houses because of distance. Just because students desire to attend a specific high school does not mean it is the best for the student.

1 point

Your arguement feels like it could be longer. It lacks a concluding statement that wraps it all up. It could have been a better argument overall.

2 points

Presidents who serve more than two terms would have been able to earn that third or fourth term through improvements of their country. Public opinion would be able to dictate whether that president is capable of running another successful term. One could argue that four years is a long time, but we take that risk everytime we vote ANY president into office. Franklin Roosevelt served more than two terms. We trusted him enough to allow him a third term. He has proven to us more than worthy.

6 points

Even though they may be illegal immigrants, they shouldn't be completely forced out of our country. Many of them came here and built a successful life. They should not have to throw away everything that they have worked for. We may not think it's fair, but immigrants have came here to America throughout history seeking opportunities and a new life.

2 points

Everyone knows that school has its rules, limitations, and boundaries that hinder creativity, but looking from a different point of view certain classes can enhance and help our creativity grow. Art allows us to express ourselves on paper or on a canvas. Band, Choir, and Orchestra lets us express ourselves through music. Many fine arts classes assist us in being creative. Core classes can also help us. In English, you can be creative through writing essays. I'm not saying that school gives us the ideal environment for being creative, but it doesn't exactly KILL creativity completely.

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