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2 points

No, I believe that we are in America for a reason, we have rights and being spied on definitely isnt one of them. There is already a certain amount that the Goverment knows about each of us now, and if they cant charge someone with just the evidence that they have than its not fair to invade their personal space.

Although I can understand if they are keeping tabs on someone who maybe has committed a few crimes and maybe they are a suspect for murder, or something really drastic. But even then we are all created equally and we all deserve equal rights.

1 point

I have a great father and he frustrates me everyday, no matter what your parents are going to frustrate you.

1 point

I am stuck in between, I think that in most ways it is better to have a lousy father than to not have one at all. Fathers have a very big influence on their child's life, and if you don't have one at all, then in most cases kid's suffer because of that, but then again if you have a lousy father they are giving the child a bad influence.

But all together I would say that I would rather have my dad around even if he were lousy.

2 points

No. I wouldn't be able to turn them in. If you truly love someone you would do anything to help them. Especially if it was an accident.

Though, if he killed some one just because he felt like killing somone it may be a little different, because I wouldnt want him to go nuts and kill me too.

1 point

It does have to do with english. The words aren't incorrect, they actually took the time in this time period to speak properly and they weren't lazy.

1 point

I believe that Shakespeare should be taught in high school. All of his work is great, and even though they spoke differently I think that teenagers need to be exposed to it, especially because our generation is so lazy in their speech.

-2 points
0 points

I never said everyone was a christian I said that I was a christian if you would read it right.

and I believe its wrong.

and killing an innocent child is fair for everyone?

1 point

no because if only the rich were paying taxes then they would be paying for EVERYONES taxes. Therefore they would lose money and everyone will be poor.

Plus how is it fair that somebody that was smart and made something of themselves should have to pay for somebody who didn't make anything of themselves. Not saying that everyone that is poor didn't try but somebody that actually acheived their goals doesn't mean that they should have to pay for the people that didn't

2 points

I'm voting McCain. Because I personally can't stand some of the things that Obama stands for.

I was raised in a Christian home, and along with that came certain standards. Not only is Obama for gay marriage, he was the ONLY person in the senate that voted yes for partial birth abortion. If you don't know what it is look it up, because it's very gruesome and most definitely murder.

I can agree with some things that Obama is for.

Not only that but half of the votes going to Obama are simply for his race. People need to look past the color of his skin and look at what he truly stands for.

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