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1 point

“There must always be a struggle between a father and son, while one aims at power and the other at independence.” -Samuel Johnson

In my opinion i would rather have a lousy father than be fatherless. My dad means the world to me and even though sometimes we argue or he gets annoying. I could not live without having him around. Knowing he's there working hard for my family and me to have everything we desire. I would rather have him than not knowing who he was, or not having him around . I love my father very much and yeah he's not perfect but he is the best dad in the world for me.

1 point

Yes, think we should still study Shakespeare because its a great way to prepare yourself for college. It's very interesting and even though it's hard to understand. Once you get it you actually enjoy and learn a the same time.

1 point

In my opinion I would rather be loved than feared. Because by being loved people care about you, respect you and it makes you feel that you mean something for someone. Instead by being feared most likely the people around you only respect you because they’re scared and it’s just a fake feeling.

0 points

Ok we're in high school. i know that ages are different but for me as a senior i would say that is just pointless because we should have trust...ok freshman i know they skip school or get into fights but not all of them. The one that actually are mature enough they stay in school. Its not a prison its cool and putting more surveillance just makes me wonder. Dont they have a little trust on their students.

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