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RSS Namyfina

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1 point

I believe ELVTR online school offers a course specifically focused on video game writing. You might want to check out their website at to get all the details about the course and see if it meets your requirements.

1 point

Hi there! I vaguely recall hearing about courses like that, possibly through ELVTR online school. However, I'm not entirely certain. You might want to visit their website directly at There, you can find all the details about the course yourself.

1 point

Hello. As far as I know, an acquaintance of mine had an experience of a similar course on one of the UK education platforms, I think its name is similar to ELVTR. She mentioned a leadership development course. Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact title. But you can go to and check out the information about this course for yourself. I think you will find answers to your questions there. I apologise that I can't be more specific.

1 point

Good afternoon! I took the "Women in leadership" course on the ELVTR platform and I can share my impressions. The program includes leadership, team management, public speaking, and negotiations. Lots of practice and training. Training includes webinars, case studies, discussions. A certificate of successful completion is issued. The course helped me a lot in developing leadership skills and career advancement. I recommend to all ambitious women!

1 point

Looking for good testers? I can help you with this issue. At the company I contacted, you can recruit testers to the team who can ensure the work of the whole department, while all this will be outsourced. They are cheap, fast and stable. For all the time that I use their services, no shortcomings were found, and I’m unlikely to find them ... Because I really really like the services and, in fact, they are the best of the best!

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Winning Position: Financial news

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