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RSS Matthill2008

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If my wife confided in me than I wouldn't betray her trust. She trusted me to support and help her and I would. I would be extremely angry and maybe even divorce her depending on what type of murder whether it be like a self defence murder or she just thought it would be fun.

You say this but what about the people with talents for crime? People with lack of talent? People who are mentally unstable? In a society like this you will get people who would just be happy too leech form the system and take advantage of it doing absolutly nothing but recieving the benefits from the hard work of other people!

I believe personal persuit. Human nature is for someone to persue things for themselves, not for others.

Nice Point. I have read Othello 3 times and Macbeth twice and I didn't really begin to understand some of the analogys and clever use of language until the second time.

I am 50/50 in this one. I agree that you do not learn actual English from his work, but I also agree it helps the student learn to comprehend more complex things.

I think that school should focus on teaching students about actual English skills though but still study Shakespear. Just maybe not test them on his work as knowing how to comprehend a Shakespeare novel isn't going to help you in the real world!

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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