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RSS Marrivas

Reward Points:12
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2 points

I think it is better to have a lousy father because if you are fatherless you would be wanting to know who your father is. It would hurt me to not know who my father is. I think that as long as your father provides food for you and your family, that shows that he cares for you. I have a father who drinks and when he is drunk that is when he is a lousy father. He chooses his friends before his own family when he is drunk. But when he is not drunk he is a good father. When he is sober he is a good father he does act as a good father. I think that alchohol makes him a lousy father.

1 point

If my wife was to commit murder and told me about it. I wouldnt turn her in because if you really love her then you would have her back through anything good or bad.

1 point

I think that advancing the common good is better because its helping out the community. But personal pursuit will be better because i know that if i dont go to college after high school then i wont go at all so i would choose my personal pursuit.

-3 points
1 point

I think Obama should win because i think he is the best candidate. I think raising taxes on rich people because it wont hurt them none. The poor are the ones who need help.

1 point

I would rather be well respected because you cant buy respect with money. If your wealthy people will respect you because you have money.

1 point

To me batman is more heroic because he has no special powers and he also chose to be batman which makes him more heroic because he knows that he is risking his life for the good of the people.

0 points

I would rather be loved than feared because you will have people who care for you. If you are feared then people might not want to talk to you because they will think you are mean.

2 points

I think that video surveillance is neccesary because that coud lower the crime here at school and make it safer for students.

School is suppose to be a safe place and thats what they are trying to do make it safer for the students who come to learn.

2 points

I think that video surveillance is neccesary because that coud lower the crime here at school and make it safer for students.

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