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RSS Keldiaz

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1 point

No matter what the government will abuse this law and end up putting cameras every where. There is no way to really monitor the suspicious people.

1 point

Even though it would be a good thing if the government caught every suspicious terrorist before they harmed our country it would also be a bad thing. What if the government blamed everyone to be suspicious then no one in this country would have privacy! There is no way that the government can know who is really suspicious and who is not suspicios!

4 points

My parents divorced when I was one, meaning that I never had the chance to live with my father. Still to this day I call my dad and talk to him, I feel that no matter how lousy your father is he is still your father. My father is very lousy he never comes to visit me or never bothers to ask how I’m doing, but at the end of the day all that matters is that I have a father. I still wait for that day to come when my father will have a change of heart and become the father I always wanted him to be. I strongly believe that being able to have a father in general gives you hope for that special day where he will change but if your fatherless than there’s no hope for him to change.

2 points

You could get more punishment for being a witness, so i guess you could help your spouse by not turning him in. But sooner or later both of you will be in jail (F.Y.I).

0 points

In this situation it depends whether you knew the victim or if it was a stranger. If my husband killed a random stranger, then YES I would definitely turn him in because that considers him a psycho and what if he kills me too. But if he killed a person that I knew and that was harming us then I would think about it. It’s most likely that I would turn him in just because I would be afraid to leave with a person like that, and also what if he thinks I will say something and kills me too.

1 point

I strongly believe that helping yourself is not a selfish thing to do. If everyone took care of themselves and tried to make themselves better people then there would be no use of common good. You are the only person that knows what you feel, think and believe if you want change you would do change to yourself.

1 point

If high school students are required to study about history and learn math problems that people in the past invented then why shouldn’t high school students study about Shakespeare? Shakespeare’s literature inspires many people around the world to write and the way he wrote his plays and poems were very unique. I strongly believe that high students should study about Shakespeare because it will allow them to understand English literature better and it will also allow them to express themselves a lot better.

-1 points

I agree with Jean-Paul's statement because I feel that freedom is our way of expressing our selves. Also we would not have freedom if it was not for the leaders of America. So i strongly believe that the quote means, people take what others have done for this country and express their freedom throughout the world.

0 points

I believe that Obama should be president because we are America and in the past years we have not been doing so well as a country. It's not going to hurt us that bad if we take risk and vote for Obama and see what he has to offer us. We Americans have trust McCain to be our senator for so long and look at America now, why not take a risk and change our country for good. Also i highly respect McCain because he has given a lot to his country but being President is alot of responsibility.

I just want to end this with saying for the past years America has gone down and today we have to the chance to choose our leader. Let's make a change and vote for our leader, Obama!

2 points

Money will not buy you everything in life. In most cases it is better to be respected than wealthy because atleast you know that people respect you and are there for you. Being wealthy is o.k but money comes and goes.

When people are respected they are respected for who they are and wealthy people are only liked because of their money.

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