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RSS Hugbasulto

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I think that in some parts, the government should monitor any suspicious individuals. That’s because some people might need to be protected from any one causing or trying to cause any harm. I also disagree with the fact of them monitoring just anyone that they think are suspicious. The government at some point is going to think that everyone is suspicious and that will only cause people to be watch and not be able to have any privacy.

2 points

I believe that most people look up at their peers and those being their fathers. In my opinion, I think that it doesn’t matter that you are fatherless or have a lousy father. For the most part if you have a lousy father it kind of like not having a father. In some occasions having a lousy father can be ok because you might not feel as lonely or have no one to talk to. Sometimes having a lousy father can help you throughout your life, even if he is strict or you have problems with him. I think that people that grow up without a father grow up missing a big part of their lives. In the end either way it all depends on how you take it and what you decide to do later on.

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If it was the person you truly love and want to spend the rest of your life with then it’s a definitely no. People make mistakes but although it’s a major crime to murder someone I would still not turn in the person I love the most. If I plan on staying with that person I love for the rest of my life then I would stick with them and never turn them in. And if that means that I am part of that murder by not saying anything, well then so be it.

1 point

I think that people follow on what they believe in and have many opportunities to make of their life what ever they want to do with it. Following your personal pursuit does not forbid you on helping others nor on advancing the common good. I think that you can do help the common good as well as do your personal pursuit.

1 point

From what I know about Shakespeare’s work would be not a lot, but what I hear some people talk about that his work is "amazing" and that everyone should read about it. I think that I would like to learn about his work and learn of all his many great accomplishments.

1 point

i agree with what Jean Paul is trying to say. I think that you chose the path you want to take to make your life better. I think that you make your life better by learning from any mistakes you have made in the past by not repeating them later on.

1 point

For me being well respected is better because it not only gives you respect from others but it also makes everyone know that you are trustworthy and loyal. People won’t just go and take advantage of you as they would if you were wealthy like try to be your friend just to take your money instead of just liking you the way you are.

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Superman is very symbolic to many children, and i think superman is more heroic because he can fly around the world saving everyone.While batman is just in one city and he still has trouble saving all of them.

0 points

Most schools are very strict on what rules they have, and i think that it limits the creativity of students that attend at that school. For example, not all students are in the classes they want were they can express and actually do what they like. Schools should have pore extracurricular activities and a wider variety of programs and electives.

2 points

For me it is better for someone to be loved than to be feared. Being feared for me means that everyone would probably not like you and you'll feel alone. While on the other hand being loved can make you feel protected by ones that love you and you wont feel lonely.

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