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RSS Glohernandez

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3 points

I believe that the goverment should monitor suspicious individuals, not only to keep our citizens safe but also to find out what is really going on, why is that individual being suspicious. Our goverment has already done this in a couple occasions such as interfiring in phone calls. I believe they do all this to keep everybody safe and it really helps to find criminals. But they should have a stoping point they shoulnt think everybody is suspicious.

It really sucks not having a man to look up to while your growing up. I believe that being fatherless is better then having a lousy father. The reason I believe this is the best is because you dont want to be looking up to a guy that does nothing in life and its just setting bad examples. Who knows you might grow up following his steps. So being fatherless is better because from day one you start depending on your own with no need of a father being there. And theres always going to be other people by your side helping you get through life.

0 points

If my husband commit murder i would not turn him in. There must of been a real good reason why he did it. It might had been self defense or maybe it was just an accident. But there's a reason why we got married because we promised we would always be here for each other there for i wouldn't be able to turn him in and leave him by himself. So i would help him out no matter what danger i would put my life in its just love.

I believe personal pursuit its better, because its your job to decide what you want to do with your life. Your not always going to have someone by your side telling you whats right or wrong. Its all on you of reaching their goals. Its also a good thing to help other reach their succeed their goals.

Yes, i believe Shakespeare's work should continue to be studied in high school. His stories and plays are very interesting. They maybe confusing but they all have a meaning to it. I enjoy reading all Shakespeare's stories so i agree about reading them in high school.

-2 points

I believe Batman is more heroic, because hes always putting his life in danger just to save a life. Plus hes a real human and he has to work to become a hero and powers so thats better, unlike superman was born with his powers so batman is more heroic.

I believe it does, because it stops people from expressing them selves. Beginning with clothing they are really strict with dress code i believe we should be able to wear whatever you want as long as its not exposing too much. Another way i think its killing creativity is because we don't really get to have that many school events that lets us have fun instead of just being stuck in class all the time. We barley have as many peprallys as we used to before know we have one like every other month. So i believe school does keep us from creativity doesn't allow us to have fun and express ourselves.

I thinks its better to be loved then feared. You don't want to be a person everybody its scared of, because when your feared everybody tries to stay away from you. When your loved you get attention everybody looks up to you, and you know that you always have somebody there for you whenever you need help.

2 points

im not saying they are doing it in school but in pretty sure theres drug being sold in school

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