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What classifies an individual as suspicious?

Our government is set up to limit powers. Right now, the government uses its powers to maintain the well-being of its citizens. Many might say that the government's job is to protect us, and that they should have the right to secretly monitor suspicious individuals, but we are being protected by the laws that are already set in place. As we give the government more rights, we will see more corruption. If the government is allowed to secretly monitor suspicious individuals, how will they classify who is suspicious, and who is not? Eventually, the government will find everyone suspicious in one way or another, in order to keep ‘tabs’. There is no real way to classify someone as suspicious, meaning that we will ultimately end up with our own Big Brother if we let the government secretly monitor ‘suspicious’ individuals.

1 point

i agree. If it was an accident they have nothing to feel guilty about as long as they are honest and do the right thing. If they did it on purpose... they can go to jail

0 points

I would definitely turn them in. If my spouse committed murder and confided in me, it would most likely be because they couldn't face the guilt alone. By telling me about the murder, they are being selfish because they are making me face the same guilt they are facing by putting me in that situation. He should have thought about the consequences before he committed murder...

2 points

i agree. There is always a way to combine the two. By advancing the common good, no matter how you do it, you usually feel better about yourself and sometimes gain a great reputation for yourself as well, which could ultimately help you achieve personal pursuit

1 point

Advancing the common good is always better than personal pursuit. If every person decided to advance the common good, then every person would see the effects of it. Of course, most people chose personal pursuit because they will benefit from it.

0 points

i agree with this statement. I think what he means by this is that there are things that you can't change, but freedom is what you do with the things you can change. For instance- say your family moves you across the country. You can't change that, but you can change your outlook on the situation and you can make the best of it. That IS your freedom.

1 point

It depends on what you consider wealthy. I'm wealthy in friends and family. Being wealthy does not necessarilly have something to do with money. It is good to be respected too, so i think it's good to be both.

0 points

I never really watched Superman or Batman but from what i know, i think Batman is more heroic simply because he doesn't have any "special powers". He is just another human fighting evil, and has more to lose than Superman. Superman is also a hero, but he has super powers and Batman doesn't.

1 point

I dont think it's a necessity, but it can only make our school safer. As a student, i feel better knowing that their are cameras watching in case something gets stolen or if fights are started. Cameras will also deter most people from committing crimes at school.

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