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RSS Annan

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Yes, I do think that developed countries should force developing countries to protect the environment. Developed countries are on the right track if they are recognized as a developed country. A country that is not developed needs to have a country to look up to or to get help from. I don't think that a developed country should just tell them what to do and not assist them because you can't expect a country to be as advanced if they don't have the resources they need. If a developed country were to go to a developing country and tell them that they can't put a dead bodies in the rivers or leave them out in the open then the developed country needs to help them create a different method to dispose of their bodies. It is the developing countries business, but if countries want one country to be developed and that developing country wants help, then I think it is the right thing to tell them what to do. We aren't exactly forcing them if they want help and if they are asking for it then we aren't really trying to take over their country. If we are telling them what to do then its because they need help and because what they have been doing isn't exactly getting them on their way to be developed. And, if we help them protect their environment too then we have a greater chance of keeping the world from being polluted more than it is and maybe even decreasing the pollution.

1 point

Yes, the pros do outweigh the cons. Of course I wish that the people in United State's history didn't have to go through slavery, the fight for women's rights, or many of the wars we have fought and lost lives in, but without them we wouldn't be the country we are now. Because of the fight to end slavery, we now have a country that doesn't allow people to use other people as a form of free labor. Because of the fight for women's rights women are now able to vote and can compete at the same level that men compete in. During the wars of our past we lost so many lives, but in return we now have many more lives that are free and can reach their full potential. As of now we are one of the most powerful countries in the world but we had to fight for it and we should be thankful to those who lost their lives and who were hurt and humiliated.

1 point

I do think that schools take away most of our creativity. Of course we have art as an elective but even then we have certain boundaries and rules and sometimes we arent able to express our creativity and what comes to mind when we hear our objective. I do think that some students that go to the school feel that they have to follow other people in order to maintain popularity. Many kids are afraid to dress differently because as teenagers many people judge other people on their appearance and maybe this causes many people to feel that have to change how they look or act in school.

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