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RSS Reyna09

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2 points

There is really no way to ensure safety. Would you like to be watched all the time? :)

1 point

I agree with you Javier people should not be stripped from their priivacy.

2 points

No I don't think that an individual should be watched just because he is "suspicious" does not necessarily mean that they are actual criminals or doing something wrong. I feel like no one should be watched without their consent. Invading someones privacy is not right. If they are criminals that can be a threat to the community then they should be monitored as long as they are aware of it.

2 points

I have a great father and if I was to have a lousy father I would rather not have one at all. Your father is supposed to be there when you need him and be a role model who teaches you important things. If you have a lousy parent then most likely you will be one too. You can learn more on you own than next to a person that does not teach you anything. In situations like this you are better all by yourself.

0 points

No I would not turn him in. I would never turn on him for any reason. When you decide to spend your life with someone else you have to be there with them not only in good but bad times as well. If anything like this was to ever happen to me I would take it to the grave with me. I know that if he was in my place he would hold me down as well.

0 points

I feel that your own personal goals are more important. To make to world a better place you have to become a better person. It has to start with something small like yourself to move to something bigger like the world. Even then no matter how much one tries, one person can't change the whole world.

1 point

I feel like Shakespeare's work should no be studied at the high school level. Most students in high shool are not interested in Shakespeare's work because either it bores them or they have difficulty understanding all of it. I's hard enough to get students to do their work and will be even harder when they aren't interested in doing it. Students want to read about things going on in their lives, stuff they can relate to and no something that doesn't interest them.

2 points

I agree with the quote because anyone can do what ever they feel like doing, but no one can decide what is going to be done to them. I feel that's exactly what this quote is saying, because you can't decide what will be done to you but you have the freedom to decide what you will do with what has already been done to you.

1 point

I think it's better to be well respected simply because people treat u according to how much they respect you. You can be wealthy by being born into the right family but if you're not well respected there may be things you want to get in and do yet if so many people don't respect you then you may not be allowed to do so. Also allot of people that are rich and not respected get killed for money, but well respected people are taken care of by their family.

1 point

Batman is way more heroic than Superman. Why? Batman chose to be a hero yet Superman was born a hero. Batman loves to be a hero, Superman sometimes doubts of he does.

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