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10 points

Profiling has been a key part in stopping many terrorist attacks. If an airport security worker sees a man acting suspiciously while carrying a container that also seems suspicious then they should be able to search that man. Also, if profiling can be used to catch people who have had a B.O.L.O. put out on them with a rough statement of their appearance. For example, if a B.O.L.O. goes out for a white male approximately 5'5" with a large beard heading for the airport then airport workers should be able to stop people matching the description. This does not mean, however, that workers should pull people aside based solely on race or ethnic. People should be pulled aside if they fit a profile of a known fugitive or if their appearance creates suspicion. It is very hard to get people who will profile without racial prejudice, but I believe it would be worth it if out of the hundred times an airport official angers an innocent person for simply "looking" like a terrorist, one terrorist is actually caught.

2 points

Torture is not a justifiable mean of extracting information because many people will say whatever will get the torture to stop. However, it is justifiable if death is not punishment enough for the atrocious acts the individual has committed. For example, if Hitler was caught before he committed suicide, supposedly, all we would have been able to do would be to give him a lethal injection which is quick and painless. I believe that he should have had at least one day of torture for every death he was directly responsible for. However, this brings up the argument that people could be tortured for things that they haven't done, but the fact is people are being tortured every day in the United States prison system for acts they didn't commit. I believe that people should be proven beyond that of normal reasonable doubt and they must be sentenced by a jury that knows full well about torture methods so that proper punishment for that individual is sentenced.

6 points

The system we have now prevents an overflow of students to any one school. This is important because the schools need to be balanced in demographics or else severe white V black V hispanic separations could occur within a community with one school consisting of nearly all of one ethnic group. Also, if students were allowed the freedom to easily switch schools then whatever school has the best cafeteria, computers, or extra curricular programs will be flocked to and every other school will suffer in attendance. Thirdly, if one school has a reputation for featuring the "brightest minds" of the region then many gifted students would apply there and standardized scores in the other schools would drop. This same scenario applies to athletics as well. In conclusion, if students were allowed the freedom of swapping schools easily then there would be severe demographic imbalances.

1 point

If people don't know the reason for the two term rule, then why has nearly everyone here referenced that exact idea?

1 point

Just because a president is "loved by the public" doesn't mean that they are what's best for the country. Someone can be elected twice by only the philosophy of the lesser of two evils. Also, a president who has two terms under his belt has more of a chance at getting elected than someone with no experience at all.

3 points

If a president has already served two terms and has done a great job, and if there was scarce possibility of them passing away in their next term, I believe that the American people should be able to vote for them in the next election. They should, however, be in a separate "re-election" party which takes away the possibility of them being re-elected only due to their party status. For example, if they were republican and won the republican nominee spot only due to their experience as president and then went on to win only because they are republican.

10 points

The reasons we have procedures for immigrants to become legal citizens are for the protection of citizens, the preservation of our currency, and the fair treatment of workers. If an illegal alien were to commit a crime, it would be harder for our police force to track them down because they aren't in any US database. When illegal aliens come to our country the main reason is usually to send money back to their home country, this smuggling of money to outside our borders decreases our economy for every dollar that never makes it back to the U.S. Also, since illegal immigrants are outside of the IRS system, their taxes cannot be collected. Finally, if an illegal alien were to be working for a company that knows he/she is an illegal alien, then that employer could treat them illegally and the illegal aliens wouldn't be able to report them. If we were to stop deporting then these problems would get worse and worse, if anything we should be deporting more.

Note: Anyone deported should be PROVEN to be an illegal alien before they are actually deported, and necessary arrangements should be made for children and/or siblings.

1 point

The formation of the United States will never outweigh the destruction of an entire culture and the slavery of another.

2 points

Schools have a structure that requires students to rush to and from periods. On top of that most classes will go over the allotted time and will put the students in a state of unrest and giving them less time to go to the next period. All of this creates an environment that will leave students no time whatsoever to let their minds relax and let the ideas flow. The school system is designed much like a prison, inmates begin the day with a schedule and must report to that area at that exact time or else there will be consequences, they also have a structured lunch schedule that clashes different groups of inmates together at once making it so that even during a time of "rest" they cannot relax. The prison also restricts what can be brought to the inmate, what the inmate can wear, and who can visit the inmate. However, prisons do not give out homework or force any extra activities like schools do. Now the last time I checked, the people in prisons do not overflow with creativity. One might argue that people in prisons had no creativity to begin with and people in schools have more. Creativity has no impact on the choices you make that will end you up in jail and most people in jail have been in school along with everyone else. So, the school systems have become 8-hour prisons that will create frustration for students and leave them with no time to relax and let their ideas and creativity flow.

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