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How to Setup BellSouth Email Account With IMAP?

BellSouth email is the largest telecommunications company in the United States, providing a wide range of products and services, including wireless phones and internet access. Setting up a BellSouth email account with IMAP is easy and takes less than five minutes. Follow these steps to get your account set up: To set up your BellSouth AT&T yahoo email with IMAP, visit the BellSouth homepage or use the provided link. Click "Create New Mail Account" if not done already, enter your email, username, full name, and password. Navigate through sections like Returned Emails, Outgoing Emails, Forwarding Emails, and All Mail, providing necessary details. Complete the process by clicking "Submit." For assistance, contact the AT&T Internet help desk at +1(877) 422-4489 or access 24/7 support on their website.
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