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How do I Setup BellSouth IMAP Server Settings for Outlook?

BellSouth webmail is the largest telecommunications company in the US. Previously known as BellSouth Corporation, BellSouth LLC, as it is currently called, is a well-known organization. It is an Atlanta-based American telecommunications holding company. The article provides steps to setting up BellSouth IMAP Server Settings for Outlook. Just follow the instructions, firstly configure BellSouth IMAP server settings, and enter the incoming mail server as "" with port 993 and SSL encryption. Set the outgoing mail server as "" with port 465 and SSL encryption. Use your BellSouth email address and password for authentication. Ensure that your username is the full email address. This setup enables seamless email synchronization and communication through Outlook. If this does not work, simply call BellSouth Customer Support Number at +1-877-316-5476, which has a toll-free Customer Service Number they'll provide you with a solution within 24*7 hours.
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