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 Do we need cannabis education or it's all from the devil (4)

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Do we need cannabis education or it's all from the devil

Iʼm writing an article/essay on the topic "do we need legalization and cannabis education or it's all from the devil". Important note: currently I live in the country where medical cannabis is illegal so this kind of problematic and provocative topic. 
Honest and frank opinions are welcome))
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We should normalize expunging criminal records for pot, and stopping arrests for weed first.

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Some people may argue but honestly there are potential negative consequences associated with cannabis legalization. And actually it depends on place (country, region). Firstly it's about health concerns. I mean health risks associated with marijuana use. This can affect your cognitive function, memory, and mental health particularly in developing brains. There are a lot of scientific studies which prove that))

This is a direct path to using more potent and harmful substances. Not immediately and not for everyone, but it happens often. And finally the government can face economic problems related to quality control and illicit market competition. I'm not saying that I'm against legalization, but I see more risks and negative consequences in it.

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I’ll try to explain, for me it’s like sex education, not everyone understands the intricacies of this system and why it is so necessary. Actually, it’s very important especially for the younger generation. People don't understand how to use it properly. It already exists in most countries, but not in mine. For ex. a lot of venues are developing curricula on how to start a cannabis growing and manufacturing operation.

I’d like to give here 2 examples from my personal experience why we should legalize it and why education is so important. For a while I lived in a country where cannabis was illegal, and the problem was that I had chronic migraines, suffered from pain and had to take painkillers. BUT I couldn't take them every day, because my liver would say BYE. And this is a very mild case for me but there are people who suffer from epilepsy or undergo chemotherapy… Simply cannabis reduces pain and suffering.

And the second case was when I decided to order feminized weed seeds for myself and grow them for personal use. I encountered fraudulent shops that tried to sell me some cheap shitty stuff cause I was a beginner. That’s why people need to have at least a basic understanding of what is what and know the difference.

Finally I found my fav suppliers. Herbies Seeds feminized for ex., is worth attention not just because they are selling but also educating people about cannabis culture. Their website is amazing, support team is the BEST and has a bunch of guides/instructions for beginners, as well as forums with discussions. Cannabis education simply will help people to understand all the intricacies of cannabis. This is very important especially if the country has just passed a law on legalization.

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Really a good supplier, I've already chosen Wedding Cookies here feminized

And almost everything is in stock! Thank you))