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RSS Valdominguez

Reward Points:12
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3 points

I don't think that the government should be able to secretly monitor suspicious individuals unless they have physical evidence that this person has done something wrong, or committed a crime. Everybody as an individual has the same rights, and they shouldn’t be judged based on their appearance.

2 points

I think it's better to have a lousy father than to be fatherless because, growing up without a father can be hard for some kids. For example, there are some children that need dads to teach them right from wrong, but as long as you have a father no matter how lousy he is, at least you have somebody their to support your decisions and encourage you.

0 points

If my spouse committed murder I would have to turn them in, because I don’t think I could go on with life knowing that they've murdered someone. The relationship wouldn’t be the same it would change because now you view the person as somebody else, you don’t see them as your spouse any more, you just see them as a bad person, and they could be crazy enough to do something to you.

I think the common good is a better endeavor, because it's better to give then to receive. It's better to give other people you're hand out in help then you holding your own hand.

2 points

I think that Shakespeare’s work should be continued to be studied in high schools because it can help us become skilled at the writing, and literature that was used in the past, and help us comprehend Shakespeare's work. I also think it should be studied because it prepares you for college and the type of stories that are required to be read in English courses.

0 points

I agree with Jean- Paul, because no matter if your parents tell you that you cant do something you have the freedom to speak your mind and tell them what you think.

I favor Mc cain because he has a better view on things most people are only voting for obama because of his race they really aren't listening to what he speaks about or whats happening. I think obama is just talking about change so that people could vote for him, because thats what people want we want change, but personally I think hes just speaking I dont think he will make change.

2 points

I think its better to be well respected then wealthy, because if your respected then no one runs over people take you serious, but if your wealthy your not respected because, people will only see you for your money and they wont take you serious.

0 points

I don't really remember superman or batman, but if i had to choose I would pick superman as being more heroic because he would fly around saving people.

0 points

I think its better to love, because if your loved then you'll have many people to be their when you need them, and they would love you and care for you, but if you're feared then people would be scared to talk to you, and love you.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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