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RSS Tariqsamira

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1 point

Having a dad who doesn't give you the time of day is pretty much not being there at all.

1 point

It’s somewhat easier to be fatherless rather than have a lousy father.

Eventually one can get used to not having a father around (physically or just spiritually and emotionally). The child may suffer temporarily, but hopefully not for a prolonged period of time since they can eventually learn to become independent and take care of themselves.

A lousy father will not only not benefit, but also hinders the growth of his child, because unlike the absent father, he is around, but gets in the way of what is best for the child.

0 points

As an ambitious, young person wanting to become a lawful, successful, homicide detective, I would not be lenient with any murderer in my midst.

Hopefully, the murder wouldn't be the result of a pleasure/malicious-kill, so that the sentencing won't be as harsh, but nonetheless, all murderers must be tried. After all, hopefully my spouse will understand that having to live in hiding is basically the same as being in prison except much worse since there would be little chance for parole since they will have to live with the guilt and/or the fear of being caught for the rest of their lives.

2 points

Whether you are in a venture purely for yourself or others, you still end up affecting the people around you.

When asking someone why they decide to help with the common good, the response would be something along the lines of, "it feels good to help out."

Ultimately, people don't help out people unless they get some sort of satisfaction out of it, be it whether they community service hours, material rewards, fame, or just having the satisfaction of knowing that you have importance. So when helping out others, you make others feel good as well as yourself.

2 points

Shakespeare should continue to be taught in high schools.

His works are probably the most difficult and most challenging portions in all of literature. There are countless courses in school which may or may not benefit in the outside, however Shakespeare illustrates the most benevolent and nefarious aspects of human nature in such ways that are unique in literature.


Macbeth's relentless quest for power, Romeo and Juliet's teenage lust, Caesar and Cleopatra's undying passions, Othello's unfounded jealousy driving him to murder, the consequences of greed and envy which lead to murder such as in Julius Caesar.

1 point

I know countles people who find higher level math such as calculus boring and difficult, probably moreso than Shakespeare's works.

At least, Shakespeare goes over universal themes and ideas which can educates one about the world and life.

1 point

There are certain situations which may hinder one from getting what they want, but there is always a choice- either keep fighting or settle for an alternate.

Ultimately, it depends on who you recognize as the authorities in your life.

You stick with what you have been taught growing up- up to you.

Whether you stray away from what you have learned from mainstream society- also up to you.

Be a Charles Manson or a Martin Luther King Jr.- it's all up to you.

4 points

Not everyone is a Christian, a president has to take all religions into consideration.

Why shouldn't a gay couple have the same opporunities as a heterosexual couple?

If they are American citizens, they should get the same benefits and not be denied their rights because of personal opinions of their political leader.

After all, impartiality is a part of doing what is fair for everyone.

-1 points

Stalin didn't practice socialism, though he may have claimed to do so.

He practiced communism- the result of twisting the original ideals of Karl Marx to benefit the government rather than the people and society as a whole as its original intentions were.

1 point

Although wealth has been known to hedonize most, being wealthy does not mean there is no respect.

Vast amounts of wealth tend to have more influence on the general public than those without it, sad, but true- after all, how did Paris Hilton become so well known?

However, Paris Hilton isn't what can be considered "well respected" by the general public. She is not known for making beneficial contributions or earning her money in a productive way.

Bill Gates, on the other hand, earned their wealth through the internet-a system which he developed through his own means-and with his wealth, he created(along with his wife) the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is possibly the world's largest charitable foundation.

While the attainment of wealth doesn't obligate people to give back, the earning and the use of wealth is what generally defines respect(rich or poor).

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