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6 points

The accusations that the airport officials may be stereotypical, but at least they limit the amount of harm that could occur on the plane, or in the airport. I'd rather be safer than sorry, and check a few people, rather than getting the shorter end of the stick, and not profiling any one at all.

3 points

The accusations that the airport officials may be stereotypical, but at least they limit the amount of harm that could occur on the plane, or in the airport. I'd rather be safer than sorry, and check a few people, rather than getting the shorter end of the stick, and not profiling any one at all.

2 points

Why would you torture someone anyway? I'm sure the situation could be resolved in any other way, and if thought that there isn't another way but to torture them, why wouldn't you just kill them there? Also, why would you do something to others as you (I'm sure) would not like to be "done"; meaning why would you torture somebody if you don't want to be tortured. As written in the bible, it says "As you sow, so shall you reap." and if you torture a person, you should expect to get it back.

1 point

Choosing what high school parents want their daughter(s) or son(s) to go to, is a minor decision out of the infinite amount that they have to make everyday.

If the daughter(s) or son(s) are able to make this decision and over power their parents', they could be learning how to take responsibility for their own consequences. Wether that be bad, or good because of the choice, they could learn how to face that, and deal with it.

1 point


The whole :" For example, if they were republican..." statement, was run on, and left me hanging.

I didn't know where to go with that, and if I was indifferent to this subject, your statement didn't sway me to a certain side of "Yes" or "no". Kudos on giving me your opinion, and throwing in sources, and examples, but they didn't help me at all.

But hey! maybe that's 'cause I don't really understand this topic.

3 points

Sure the "Mr. Presidents" of all time, should give others a chance to be president at most, every eight years, but what if the President who was in his final stages of being President in his second term, was the best that this nation was ever going to get? Would you just rip somebody from their so called "throne" even if they were at their peak in the Presidential career? That'd be a little tumultuous, and uncivil. If they were to get out of hand, then the checks and balances system used in the government, could be taken into consideration, to see if the President is recieving all, or most of the power. And if that didn't work, the people could concede this matter, and the President would now be what the founders of our America were abstaining from; A tyrranical leader. The President should be allowed as many terms, if good enough to win all elections, and if he/she is under control.

7 points

Yes; When I grow up, paying any money for people who aren't even ALLOWED to be here, won't exactly be on my schedule of things to do. Not that I have anything against any of my “people” or foreign people who are here, illegally, but as Proverb said “when money is taken, freedom is forsaken”.

I'd like to keep my money, and not spend it on someone who is basically a criminal (because they break the law), for them to be here. Just aint' “fly.” (:

1 point

Sure, Developedcountries could mind their own business, and leave their own matters into their own hands, including this issue on pollutiong, but in this case, if the developing countries don't begin to take the initiative on a stronger world, then how will the human beings of this world be twenty yers from now? Where will the global surface that you're on top of right now be? Under water, because of global warming? Not if you (the developed country) take a stand, and help the developing countries.. well.. "develop" into a stronger unity.

1 point

The way that the U.S has formatted the whole "society" thing throughout time, has been a destruction more than an improvement towards the people's. Slavery has been one of the major "cons" of the establishment of North America. As well as slavery, all of the major and minor wars that have been fought haven't necessarily been considered Pro's. Although for the devastations in this country, there have been many repairs, but the positive's still do not out weigh the negative's.


8 points

First off, I'm Sophie Gabriela Hernandez, call me boob for now.

Boob as in the bird, or IF you want to dissagree with this debate, Call me booby as in "fool". I'm in school other wise known as "the dungeon", "the low pit", or "CC:short for creativity Crasher." "CC" is My Favorite, NOT ONLY because this in my blunt opinion is true, but because it sounds like a type of battery kind of like triple "A" or double "A" why not make my brand Double "C"? Well Anyway, I "Ms. Boob the bird" have been shot down in the wild Amazon Rain Foriest. All of My CREATIVE ideas are gone. I mean this whole "CC" School, Has taken the AK47, and blown my heart out. The side of my creativity wants to come out, but is shot down. I want to wear a red bandana, not because I'm A "Blood", But Because it matches the school colors, but no. I can't? Because if I do then i am named "The Blood bird" ya know? OH YEAH, SOPHIA'S IN A GANG. Not? or with the whole ID number? why can't we be creative and have letters in them. Or the whole consept of we will win? who is we? the school? because "us" the creative students are losing. And The dying hair rule? Excuse Me if i didn't want my hair the color of the average american. Or in the art room? you have to shade a certain color, or outline with a certain sharpie marker? Where in Heck is the creativity in two BLAN colors? ALLLLLLLL i'm sayin', is this place needs to slap the tum' a little bit, and let loose.


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