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3 points

"But if you are doing nothing wrong then you should have no problem of knowing someone could be watching you."

Totally agree.

1 point

"The government should focus more on meth labs and crack houses before sending out the police force to gaurd our streets from 16 year old potheads who aren't hurting anyone."


-1 points

Though I'm on the opposing side, your argument is valid; props.

1 point

I’d have to say they should. Those individuals have done something in order to be monitored in the first place, like getting in trouble with the law; house arrest, etc. There’s no question that it should be done. Though on the other hand, people have a right to own their own privacy; their own space to themselves. This country has already set a standard; a common way of life to live and to proceed by establishing the Constitution; the Bill of Rights, and so on. The government should be able to adhere and withstand to the original rules of old; build off from them constructively in order to continue a better America. Our rights should not be relinquished for anything, but if it’s for the greater good, to help out the next person from a sexual predator or a potential murderer, etc., then hey, the door’s open.

0 points

I agree with that. You wouldn't want to have that eating you up inside with someone not there to support you.

2 points

Good personal side of the arguement, and yes, anyone is capable of change with a second chance.

2 points

When I think about this scenario, I think of the pros and cons of the whole idea. If you were to have a lousy father, you wouldn’t have that solid man-figure who’d be fearless when the going gets tough to look up to, and that can really eat out of a child or a teen; however old the victim is. Then on the other hand, a child without a father (particularly a male) would be lost in this world, and he wouldn’t have that significant person to talk to and to relate; a person that he’d trust to the very end when others see it differently. Though in the long run, the victim of that situation should get help if it’s really taking a toll on them physically and mentally.

In short, as for my opinion, I say that it’s better to lousy father. You would know that either he’d mistreat you, or that he’s a lazy dead-beat with no job that sleeps in all day, but if the child can use their initiative and some good common sense, then they’d see the wrong path to choose while maturing instead of following their dad’s footsteps. Seeing the negative at times can make out positive in the end, because you don’t want to have to walk the lonely road of life in shame and darkness.

1 point

Very good point where you said "a murderer is not who I wanted to marry."

0 points

If I had to come down to a decision, I would lean towards having to turn in my spouse in (barring a conversation with her), and here’s why. I don’t know what she would be thinking when had this happen. An act of that magnitude would really require someone to get professional help to ask the question: “What was going through your mind while committing murder?”

My spouse and I would have to talk about the whole thing first; really go through all the events that took place in line for this event to occur. Then after our talk, we’d have to talk with her family, as well as mine, because I would want the decision on turning her in be decided on our collectively family as a whole. During that conversation, I’m hoping to get a really thorough answer from her on how everything took place. And also another thing; you wouldn’t want to be around the type of people that would do such a thing, but there can be case where you’d have to consider their reasons and conclude if there’d be a possible offer of a second chance.

1 point

Same here; an endeavor that's a personal gain along with advancing the common good would go a very long way. Makes the whole world go round.

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