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RSS Nyongo

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1 point

We all have the right to our privacy, but when it comes to endangering other peoples rights which can happen in a number of ways, people should be conserned and get involved. So yes i think that suspicious individuals should be monitered only if they have an applicable warrant to say its allowed. But, it would be proper to interrogate the individual first then let them know what they are in for depending on the circumstance.

2 points

I think its better to have a lousy father than no father at all. Fathers have a key role in a child's life. Some people are raised without a father, but it is important to have one. To me i think a father brings discipline and understanding in a child's life. A lousy father can teach a child many lessons even if the are constantly doing wrong. A mother is for nurturing and love there for you when no one else is. A mother really can't take the role that a father would in a child's life no matter how hard. If there wasn't a dad i don't think there are going to be many boundaries in that child's life than if there was a "lousy" father..

0 points

I wouldn't turn them in. Because when you get married, you have taken a vow, a vow to be with that person for better or for worse, rich or poor, in sickness and in health. That is a promise made when your with the one you love for the rest of the life. I don't like breaking promises i will be there for my husband no matter what the circumstances.

0 points

I think you proved a good point here

1 point

advancing the common good is better to me because, If i were to pursue my own personal pursuit, it wouldn't be all that good, because most of them would be selfish choices that woulld end up hurting someone else, i dont like hurting people. It would be a much better world if we thought about everyone else well being before we think about our selves.

1 point

Yes I think Shakespear should definently be taught in highschool. I find his poetry and stories very complexed but intresting. Some people want to be writers when they grow up or they want to be actors. Understanding Shakespears work would be very beneficial to their future. They could learn and understand his techniques.

1 point

Its about taking a bad situation and turning it in to something good for you. I agree because you take the little freedom that you have and run with it your own way.

2 points

Martin luther king said that i have a dream some day people would be judged by charecter and not the color of there skin keep it in mind :)

2 points

I'm a liberal and if i was able to vote i wouldn't just because our candidates running both aren't "in my view" in shape for being our next president, but if i were to vote I would think that Mr.Barack Obama would be a good enough president,I feel that both of these candidates have strong and weak points, Barack and McCain both have "some" good ideas for well being of the country, but McCain in my opinion is Gorge Bush all over again and, America is looking for a change new ideas a different way of planning things out with the well being of the people in mind. Barack is a representation of what America is the working class is what needs help right now and he does everything that keeps them in mind, McCain does keep people in mind but he really isn't thinking for everyone else but his "own kind"..

0 points

You can have all the money in the world, but if you are not respected, i don't think its worth it all. Money doesn't by happiness and if there's no happiness there is no enjoyment of your money.If you have no one that can respect you and your achievements then whats the purpose of the wealth you worked so hard for, only to find out that nobody admires what you have done. If you are well respected it adds a value to everything you worked so hard to get, people can see that yes this person deserves all their wealth because what they have contributed is well earned.

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