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RSS Normahong

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1 point

School always kills your creativity. Their should always be freedom of expressing yourself but mostly all the time they chose for you. Theirs always a certain limit that you can do at school. Theres never a way that you can do more that you like without permission. Or when they give you rules! They don't let you think out of the box. You can never reach out! Even if your in an art class you can only do so much

2 points

I think you're very right! Your words are so strong you feel like your actually in that type of situation. I agree very much in where you say “There is so much diversity and so many options in the here and now, why shouldn't ending your life be that way, also? You can design your casket, your gravestone, why not how to end your life? If you had someone in dire pain and you knew there decision would be to end their life, yet Euthanasia is illegal, that very instance can cause regret of the lack of fulfilling a promise.” Also how you say that its wrong for someone else to choose someone else's death but if your helpless its just whats best for them.

1 point

The reason I believe euthanasia should be legalized is because whats the point of being alive if your in a vegetative state? It is not murdering because practically you cant do anything for yourself or others if you have no control of your body. Euthanasia is the act of killing someone painlessly (especially someone suffering from an incurable illness). I understand those who are against euthanasia that they believe its a sin to kill somebody or that it should be forbidden by law but its not wrong when they family is consistent of what their going to do and the patient is too. I think its unfair for those who don't want the law to be legalized do they not think of those people that are out there and don't want to be living anymore because they feel helpless since they cant move nor speak. And about the health issues cost is not even about the money is about comprehending how the person feels about them being in a vegetative state.

3 points

I'll be better to be wealthy with no one that you can trust or poor with someone you can trust because theres really no one you can trust better than your self. Im usually a hard working and independent person i dont need someone else. It's nice to have that person if its either boyfriend or friend but they usually come and go, it's rare when they stick around. Also im not into what people think of me im a very generous person i have so much planed for the poverty i dont only think about my self. I want to do so much for others as much as i want to do for myself. Its just nice to know you have something than nothing knowing you worked hard for it.

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