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RSS Megashcraft

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As a child, you grapple onto creativity. As an adolescent, you make it your own. While you are in these time periods of life you are in the system of education.

Now, my question to answer here is if schools kill creativity. I respond to this with a definite no. In some cases, I admit yes, creative ability is limited, but there are many schools in which kids blossom and flourish with their own identity.

Now, there used to be a definite line between creativity crushing institutions of education and spirited, lax schools. Now, public schools are fancying uniforms and the straight and narrow.

The line is now blurred, but do uniforms really limit creativity all that much to diminish it? Even in the private school atmosphere, you are forming bonds with different people and having a flavorful course schedule to inspire you to create that very identity.

And so, I must conclude that even in the most austere sense of the education system, you have ample space to mature into the creative soul you aspire to be.

1 point

I see some of your point, but you are taking the religious aspect of things. Think without religion on the brain, think as someone without religion, just like you thought of the victims about to be Euthanized.

6 points

Pallid skin, cool to the touch. Invisible, bony fingers drag the sides of your lips down into a grimace. That lifeless, although still holding onto life, loved one is your family, your friend, a person you hold dear to your heart. People feel this desperation everyday. Hopefully, you have not experienced it yet.

The barely there person I describe could have had a number of things happen to them; A car crash, cracking your head on the pavement, fooling around with friends and slipping into the pool. Any head trauma strong enough to cause substantial damage can push you over the edge into that coma. Now ponder if that damage was so significant, you knew they would die eventually, weeks, a month, a year? Life is not a miracle movie. Yes, we have our moments, but let's be realistic. Would you cling to that lifeless body like the heroine in those blockbuster hits, or would you end your pain and suffering, your dear ones also, with that one shot of painless goodbye.

Now, I can see why you would illegalize Euthanasia, I positively do. Ending a life? Isn't that technically murder? And even if it is considered assisted suicide, that's still suicide, right? We would all go to hell, correct? Those questions are based on religion. Religion is a big factor in life, but with the broad span of religious choice nowadays, we need space to choose. That statement covers a broad span of topics, but let's focus on Euthanasia. Another point for my opponents, regret. Right after the flatlines sounds the mother wails and is forced to be dragged from the room, she suddenly is not so sure it was the right thing to do, she mulled it over for weeks, but maybe she's not so sure now. That is natural. Regret is something everyone will feel, at least once in their full lives. Think of all of your regrets, let them resonate in your head like your favorite candy melting in your mouth, and remember how you learn from them. How you let them go. Apply that to letting go to a dear one, of the good things that will prosper after that very flatline, and realize that Euthanasia should be an option everyone should be able to regret, choose or be thankful for.

In conclusion, Euthanasia is a choice, or so I think it should be. There is so much diversity and so many options in the here and now, why shouldn't ending your life be that way, also? You can design your casket, your gravestone, why not how to end your life? If you had someone in dire pain and you knew there decision would be to end their life, yet Euthanasia is illegal, that very instance can cause regret of the lack of fulfilling a promise. It could haunt you until the day you might need Euthanasia and suffer likewise, without a painless endless slumber. I believe every year you write your decision in these certain dire situations, to be “put to sleep” or not. Annually, as you mature, send the slip in, let it have a place on your driver's license; organ donor, believer of Euthanasia, 5'4”, Blonde hair, Blue eyes. I believe in Euthanasia, I believe in the right to choose.

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