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I think if the government has a reasonable amount of proof or foretelling information then they should be able to monitor a suspicious individual. It is the government's duty to protect the people of the country and to keep harm out of our way, and even if the case is a false alarm it's better safe than sorry. I would rather have someone listen to my phone calls or watch where I visit rather than be blown up because the government doesn't care enough to keep an eye out.

I believe that it would be better to be fatherless than to have a lousy father. A father is someone you look up to; in a girl they ususally marry a man like their father, and in a guy they act like their father. When the example of what the "man of the house" is lousy then one becomes capable of believing it is fine for a man to act that way. On the other hand, when a person's father has passed, they can live their life with him in mind, trying to make him proud. One can also have the opportunity to delevope an even stronger bond between their mother and themself. Sometimes when something is missing in a person's life they want it even more, and perhaps it will only make them become a better father or marry a man who will be a great father.

I would turn them in. To murder someone takes a weapon, a beating, or something harmful. Anyone who would be willing to end a life and put forth effort knowing the consequences should not get away with murder. Think about the other half as well, the life that was ended more than likely has family, friends, and a life. If you were one who was hurt from that side you would want to have justice and put the killer in prison for hurting your loved one. Even if you love the person you should think about the whole picture. Do you really want the person you live with and have relations with to be a murderer? Plus, if he commited murder what makes you so sure he wouldn't do the same to you.

Though this answer might be considered selfish, it could also be a generous move. I believe that many times individuals try to help others, but infact need to help themselves out first. If you are put into a position where you are mentally or emotionally unstable, how can you properly help others? Those who are in need need people who can stay strong and stable, not those who are weak and vulnerable to falling. The world needs people who have a heart for the common good in them already or those who have grown into it; not those who are unsure of their willingness to help others. I believe before you help others, you need to help yourself. Not so you can be selfish, but so you can be better prepared to help others. In time many develope the feeling that the heart is happiest when it beats for others, but usually after they tried to make it only beat for themselves.

I believe Shakesphere should continued to be taught at the high school level. Shakesphere played a vital role in the history of english literature, poetry, and playwriting. His works are known as masterpieces and are have been read and performed worldwide. We live in a time where the language, literature, and lifestyle are very different, but we can always gain knowledge when reading his stories and sonnets from the past. By knowing more about the past can only prepare us better for the future.

Freedom is commonly interpreted as being able to do, say, act on, or believe whatever you would like. Though this is true, there as different types of freedoms in my opinion. If you are a child you have certain freedoms, some in which you don't understand, but that are set for your age. Slaves in the earlier years had certain freedoms, not many, nor good ones, but they still kept some to an extent. I agree with Jean-Paul's statement because the freedoms given to you in life are what allow you to act as who you are. Even if your locked away in a prison cell you can act on certain freedoms and make best with what you have.

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I think it would be better to be well respected, verses wealthy. Being wealthy has it's advantages, but people would only see you for the amount you make, the size of your house, or the brand of your clothing. Being respected would be that whatever stage you are in your life, people see that, and respect you for who you are and what you do. Respect can be gained through morals, beliefs, stability, career, and etc. Wealth can just allow you to have nice things in life, things that wont last, and people that are by your side because of what you own.

A hero is somebody who fully devotes them self to helping others, knowing the consequences and honors of it. In this case I would have to say that Batman is the true hero. Not only does he go out into the night to save people and Gotham city, but he does it with no super powers. Unlike Superman, Batman creates his gadgets, his plans, and his strategies. He manages to capture the villains, save the city, his love, and many civilians all at the same time. Superman has his invisible car, can fly, super strength, and x-ray vision; and does the same thing as an everyday human being does. Superman's only weakness is kryptonite, but Batman can be killed any way a normal human being can. So with these examples shown, Batman is the more heroic in this case to me.

Innermost beauty is within your heart, and your personality. I don't think anything that is that beautiful or good would be called inappropriate.

4 points

When I think of creativity beyond clothes, make-up, hair, and etc I realize how uncreative school can be for us students. We come in our own dress attire, but do we learn what sparks our minds? The majority of teenagers don't dream of being scientists, mathmeticians, or english professors; so why is that all we learn? We have the ability to play in band, orchestra, dance, sing, or cheer, but that doesn't fufill most of our minds either. Every aspect of school is clearly based upon getting the best grades, studying, and learning more, but I truly believe that not every child is cut out for academics. Some people's minds are more creative naturally, and when they come to school, it is like a prison. They aren't good at academics, studying, and they cannot express the things in life they would like to accomplish. It's not that they are dumb or lazy, just different in the thinking process. It is unfair in a way how those who live to express, and learn by expressing, have to conform to the standard academic way of life. Some of the greatest people in the world do not have college degrees, but can invent songs, books, movies, poems, and much more just by learning through living.

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