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1 point

slowly but surely we are giving away our rights. Its the "I dont care" attitude that is furthering this epidemic and its wrong. Stop laying down our freedoms and stand up for what our country has given us.

2 points

No. I'm not sure how they justify finding suspicious individuals, but either way its wrong. Our government is seriously overstepping its boundaries and needs to be refreshed on what exactly a governments duties are. I understand that if they were able to "spy" on a guilty party it would be a positive thing, but based on principal alone it shouldn't be legal or allowed. This is a free country, or at least its supposed to be. Until we become a dictatorship, stop snooping

1 point

Having a lousy father does not just leaves bumps, scrapes and scars externally. The damage goes much deeper. During those vital years of childhood having a bad dad isn't something that one forgets easily. Not only does it alter self confidence and self worth, it can covertly brand those bad habits in the mind of the child. The characteristics of an unfit parent are poisonous. I believe that it is better to be fatherless, rather than have a lousy father. Yes, it will take much effort to fill the shoes of the missing party, but it can and should be done.

1 point

The people that make up this world are selfish, put themselves before all others, and look out for number one. Everyone has a God given talent, and if you are able to find that within and let it flourish you are of the minority. Accomplishing things that better the world bring about a sense of fulfillment and great satisfaction. I think that people should focus their talents into being productive. By doing the very best that you can do for YOU in this world will funnel into assisting the common good. We need to take a look at what we can do for others, not just for ourselves. If everyone pitched in a little, it would be a lot.

1 point

"I dont think that Shakespeare should not be studied in English.." So are you for or against it? It was proper english during his time; its called old english.

1 point

Shakespeare should absolutely continue to be taught in high schools. His work deals with many real life situations, and is an up most example of beautiful literature written by a man far beyond his own time. The aspects of Shakespeare's writing techniques are unique, and broaden ways of thinking about things. I believe that if students would assimilate more of the meaning behind this talented mans work they would really be surprised.

1 point

I agree and disagree with this quote, but I more so disagree. Freedom is something we have faught for and earned. No one handed it to us on a silver platter; it wasnt that easy. Men and women of our country gave their lives for us to be free.

We can make our own choices, say what we want to say, and do as we please all because we are free.

1 point

I strongly dissagree with this opinion. The idea that taking money away from "rich" people and giving it to "poor" people is absurd. If an individual is poor, or less fortuante that is NO ONE ELSES FAULT BUT THEIRS. Switch the situation around. If you were a hard working citizen and you earned a large amount of money would you want someone who sat at home, jobless getting a portion of your check just because they are lazy? Absolutely not.

1 point

The presidential election we are witnessing right now is almost surreal. Usually through out the election process the better of the two candidates becomes clear, and the results are generally alright. However, watching this election I am quite puzzled on who the "winner" should be. At times I strongly agree with Barak Obama, and others with John McCain. On the last day of elections I have decided that I would like to see John McCain become president. He isn’t perfect in any sense, but to me I believe he is the lesser of two evils. Senator Obama speaks very eloquently, and generally says what people want to hear, but honestly I don’t believe him. I think he is a people-pleaser, and says what people need to hear and behind closed doors takes care of his own agenda. If I was eligible to vote, my ballot would go towards the McCain/Palin campaign.

1 point

In my opinion, superman is more heroic because he has the ability to fly!

What other superhero can do that?

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