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RSS Kymbuh

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5 points

I think the government should be able to secretly monitor people that are legitimately a threat. The government should focus more on meth labs and crack houses before sending out the police force to gaurd our streets from 16 year old potheads who aren't hurting anyone. The government already monitors us without or permission, they just aren't helping because they are focusing on the unimportant aspects of crime. But if they really think someone is a threat to society, yes, I think they should be able to monitor them.

2 points

I feel like it's better to have a lousy father than to not have one at all. If someone is bad at something, it means that there's always a possibility that one day they may be good at it. To be fatherless, there's not even a chance of having a good father. So to have a lousy father would be better.

1 point

I feel like if I was married to someone and he confessed to me that he had murdered someone and it was just the two of us, no kids, I'd side with him and help him cover. But if we had children, which is more likely than not, I would put their safety first. And if my husband was a good husband and father, he would understand the need to protect them and turn himself in.

1 point

A personal pursuit is more important to me, because every person is responsible for themselves and their own actions. Advancing the common good would just mean that one or two people may not have to work as hard as you would for the same thing because of something you may have done. A personal pursuit can never be inequal. You'll always be able to dig yourself as deep into a hole as you want to, but standing as one person rather than many, you could probably dig faster if you were alone.

1 point

Obviously we DO still need to learn about Shakespeare, learning Shakespeare can teach you how to put your words in the correct ORDER which then cause you to have "correct English".

1 point

I think that Shakespeare being taught in highschool is essential if we want our population to actually know how to speak correctly. Even though it's not how we speak right now and some of the words may be switched around, understanding Shakespeare is the next step to understanding modern day english. And even without that factor, Shakespeare was a language connosieur, a legend, a classic, you can't just...stop teaching about him. He was a stone in the wall that is literature today, and without him in the specific place he's in; the wall will crumble, and our society will become even more illiterate than it already is.

1 point

I agree with this quote. People can do whatever they want to with their lives, so depending on how you take what people do to you, you can be successful or not. Take the slaves for example, they were taken from their land, brought here unwillingly and yet, look hiow successful some African-Americans have become. It all has to do with how you take things, whether or not you get offended. If you take most things with stride then you shouldn't have too many problems.

1 point

I think schools do kill creativity. Most people have an imense amount of potential to be great artists or go into other creative fields. We are not, however, encouraged to follow our own paths. Schools now focus more on standardized testing, (which doesn't really prove anything in the first place). If our school system put as much emphasis on the arts as they do into TAKS, maybe less people would end up dropping out. There's no possible way our administrators think that the whole of our student body can be clumped into a select few categories. People have different goals in life, sure some may want to be a doctor or lawyer, but alot of people want to be musicians or actors, we should accomedate those people as well.

1 point

Yes, but love could also be seen as a weakness.

5 points

I think of fear as another version of respect. You can never be loved by everyone, but once you're feared by at least a few people, it's easy to be feared by more people.

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