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RSS Keniaescobar

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2 points

Some times the schools kill creativity especilly in united state in the schools from here you have to do the cornell notes . That way we can do notes some theachers have to be that way only that way instead in El Salvador we can do notes in a creativity form, the way that I wanted the theacher never say do your notes in a specific way they just leth us make ours own notes the notes can be colerfull or the way that I like.

In that way the schools in El Salvador cooperate in creativity class and in U.S.A is different so different I have been just in one school and every theacher is defferent some of then are more creativity than other but I had theachers that really they kill creativity and it is really sad that some theachers are not creativity and bon't let us use ours own imagination in class or activity but that is a great reason that in the schools kill activity or in anothers words our creativity.

2 points

Seeing loved ones suffering is hard for everyone involved. In my opinion, euthanasia should be legal because if I am seeing somebody that I love suffer to much, I will feel helpless. I know that I can't do anything for the person and I wish I could help them ease the pain and feel better. If I was the person that was suffering, I would want someone to apply an injection in me. I know that would be hard for the persons that love me, but it is better for everyone involved to let me go. It is a difficult decision but I hope you would make the right decision and help ease your loved one's pain.

1 point

maybe most of the people some times prefere to be a rich person but in my opinion the money is not all in my life i prefere to have a person than i can thust and be poor that have that have a lot of money and cant thust to no body

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