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RSS Johsanchez1

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1 point

I believe growing up knowing you had no one to admire and look up to is better than following the example of a lousy dad. I mean some one who isn't their to show you right from wrong is the same as having a bad father, but at least you don't have a bad influence around you all the time just smoking, drinking, cursing, being lazy, and selfish. I mean people will always wonder about there dad and that he is gone but its better to wonder than be disappointed all the time coming home to a lazy, selfish dad who you aren't sure if he really cares. Life without a father would be the same as having a good one, since you will always find some one to look up to, just like others will help you through life such as the rest of your family.

2 points

So tell me if you were on welfare and you needed money and the fact isn't you dont want a job, but that no one will hire you then would you take that handout especially if you have a family.

0 points

Where is your opinion if you truley think McCain is so great.

1 point

I believe Obama should be president, the reason being is he cares about the people in America and not just the financially safe people but the poor people as well if not more. He is looking to use the governments money to help the United States, while McCain wants the people to pay for everything that we require. Obama to me is the better choice for president than McCain.

1 point

Respect is something that no amount of money can buy. Respect is harder to earn than money, it's something you work at for a long time. When you are respected by others they will be thier no matter what, rather than being wealthy and having to buy people to be thier. I think of it like this money comes but never lasts, but respect lasts forever, which i think makes it more precious than any amount of money.

1 point

Batman to me is more heroic than superman. The reason I say that is because Superman has powers and rarely gets hurt, but Batman on the other hand has no powers, he uses his mind and what he learns to help others rather than rely on super powers. To me he goes in to battle knowing he could die while superman goes to battle knowing he can't which I think is less heroic. Superman does say he will protect everyone with his life but he barely knows what that means, unlike Batman who always risks his life. Batman just seems more heroic just because hes human and still does what Superman does without powers.

1 point

Schools don't kill a students creativity, they just put certain limits on how creative they can be. Many schools try to help students learn the potential of thier creative mind, by teaching them to harness it and use it properly, it may seem that they are holding back thier creativity at times but they are jus teaching them how to use it to thier advantage. Students are creative all the time during school, they are creative in the sports they are doing, they are creative in what they choose to draw in art, they are creative in what role they want to play in theatre, and students become creative largely in thier essays and stories. So school gives kids subjects to be creative in, so in no way does school kill creativity.

-3 points
2 points

If you are loved people respect you and know they can come to you for anything. But if you are feared, not even your best friends will talk to you or even visit. Thats the power of fear, but would you want to live like that, rather than be shown respect and love by everyone who you consider friends. The big difference is people who are feared will always be alone and never be told the truth or when they make a mistake, because thier friends don't want to upset them. But being loved everyone can tell you your flaws so they help you be a better person and that gives them more of a reason to respect you.

0 points

So you believe teachers are watching out for every student all the time they are at school?

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