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RSS Jenniferhern

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i believe school does kill your creativity just because most teachers put a limit to your work. Some students love to go to infinity and beyond with their work and teachers just dont allow it. I believe teachers think school is to work and learn only, but truly its a place where students can go to express themselfs and show what they are made of. If teachers and principals dont allow it then how are students supposed to shine? Schools do kill creativity just because students cant do what they want for example when writing a paper you have a specific topic to talk about, some people like to dress different but arnt allowed, and if you want to be creative you have to join a spirit group or other groups . I think in order to be creative you shouldnt have to join any group, i think you should be able to be as creative as you want without anybody saying anything.

1 point

how do you know if they are in pain while in a vegatative state? and how do you know if its not gonna hurt them if they pull the plug? but other than thats your debate is really good and i agree with it

1 point

i like what your saying but one thing i didnt understand is how that patient will be okay with it if they are basically dead? but other than its really good.

1 point

i really agree with what your saying. I think it better for the patient but for the family as well.

1 point

Well what if thats what the patient wanted? What if they talked about it before they were ever involved in an accident? if you were ever in that state would you want a machine living your life for you? or would you want to rest in peace with god? What if you want to go with god but your family wont let you go?

1 point

Yeah i agree that only god has the right to take the life of a human but whats the point of keeping them alive if they cant eat, talk, breath or just plain simple function on their own? Would you like it if one of your loved one was only alive by a machine? Wouldnt you want them to live with god and rest in peace?

1 point

Being in a vegetative state is no way to life your life. Having to breathe and eat off a tube is hopeless. It's hard for your family to know that every minute of your life is being lived by a machine.

In my case I think euthanasia should be legalized, because having to live the rest of your life in a bed not knowing who or what is around is dreadful. In my point of view, keeping somebody alive when they're in a come or vegetative state is just being selfish. People don't realize that they're only hurting themselves by keeping their loved once alive. Yeah I understand that some people might consider euthanasia as murder because it's taking somebody's life away, but it's not murder if the victim is okay with it. You might ask “how can the patient be okay with it if they can't talk?” Well some people talk with their families about it and it's their wish to not be kept alive. In other cases the families of the loved one decide to take them off the machine because they rather let them go and rest in peace then be stuck in a bed breathing by a machine the rest of their lives.

On my half I think euthanasia should be legalized because I wouldn't want to be kept alive if I was in that state. I also think it should be a law to right in your will whether you would want to be euthanized or not if your were in that position.

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