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RSS Jcsegura7

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As much as i hate the United States government, they should be able to secretly monitor suspicious people. If they do not then they fail in protecting us. The government has the responsibility in protecting the people not just sit around and lie to us. If they do not then they are in danger as well, in the case of some criminal that breaks into a government facility. They must monitor those who possess a threat in this hostile society

1 point

Having a father who is lousy is to me by all means better than having no father at all. I mean if you look at life without a father, your mother would have to work two jobs to make ends meet, and you would have no one to help you work, teach you how to fix a car, etc. Having a father who is lousy is better since he will work and help support you and your mother. He may not seem like the father you want but at least sometimes he is there for you and besides, everything he does wrong can be improved by you, making you a better father than he was.

1 point

I would have to say yes. She committed murder, a thing that can get you in major trouble, even if you're an accompalice. I don't care what the reason was, it could have been accidental, there could have been someone trying to attack her, or whatever, she killed someone. The second she tells me, I wil call the police, just in case she either goes on another killing spree or decides to kill me

1 point

Advancing the Common good is a better endeavor than a personal pursuit. For example there are those who want to help others. A personal pursuit however is only for those selfish people who only care about themselves. The common good happens to some from a loan for college, to a charity for an orphanage, a school, etc

0 points

Shakespeare's work has amazed critics around the world, but some students say his work should not be continued to be taught in high school. I really do like his work, but I feel like the difficulty of reading his books ,such as MacBeth, is too far, to some.

1 point

Being wealthy is very dangerous. People will want to kill you just for your money. Your family will look at you the wrong way and your friends will ask you for money. Being well respected, however, is very useful. Many people will know you, your friends will actually help you, and those who hate you for know apparent reason will know why. Money brings out the evil and greediness of people, while respect shows that people know who you are and like you.

1 point

Superman is somewhat invincible. He is able to withstand anything from a bullet to the gut or the arm. Batman, on the other hand, actually has the guts to save someone even though he does not have all the powers that can make him invincible, can make him see through walls, and shot lasers from his eyes. This is the reason why I believe that Batman is more heroic than Superman

1 point

Without creativity the world would be plain, black and white. Thank goodness in reality the world is not that, well there are some places that is like that. Schools to some actually do "annihilate" creativity. We are forced to take notes, do homework, forced listen to very insipid lectures that do not change from grade to grade. Here in Dallas, almost every elementary and middle school must were nothing but uniforms until they start high school. The fact that the shirts are just plain red, blue, and white, kills the very essence of having the chance of wearing whatever they like. Even in high school we still have to follow a dress code, for example no gym shorts. This rule which was introduced to my school last year angered some students. It forced them to wear anything besides gym shorts to school. Even though you leave middle school or high school, or even college, you still have to follow the rules in the real world. Even if the school has many classes that "encourage" creativity, that doesn’t mean that you have a lot of creativity, it basically limits it. Even the next generation after us will face the same problem of many schools lacking creativity

2 points

It is better to be loved than feared. If you arefeared, you will get the respect but it won't be proper. They will hate you since you use fear to get what you want in life

-1 points

That is true as in all of the other comments in this page.

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