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RSS Hjennm09

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1 point

In my opinion, I think that we should continue reading Shakespeare's work, because he has gone this far on his work, so why not continue. We can learn on how it was set a long time ago, and discuss it. He has written a lot of good stories, and at the same time they are interesting.

0 points

I think that school really does kill creativity, because there are students that express themselves in many different ways. Not everyone is the same. We are all different and like different things. Some students like to express themselves on drawings, and some of them draw graffiti. So some of the administrators think that it's gang realted, but it really doesn't mean that they are in a gang.

1 point

I think that it is uncalled for to be having cameras all over the school. Yeah I understand that there are a few places where it's meant to be. But I don't think that it's necessary to just have three cameras in one corner! I personally think that we should have at least one camera for the end of the hallways.

1 point

No I don't think that the students should get a ticket for not leaving an event after 30 minutes. You never know what could happend. What if their ride had an emergency and can't make it on time! It's not the students fault. They will get a ride eventually.

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