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1 point

I don't belive that schools counteract creativity. Yeah, Theres a set of rules that limit the students of expressing themselves, but nesssary to keep order. If the schools let the students do what they what and wear what they want sooner or later the princable don't run the school...Its the students.

For Example what the students wears is a big argument, Is it really appropriate to wear a marijuana leaf on your shirt, or girls wearing short shorts and tank tops. It may look good to wear but, in the real world socialization is key.

Thats why the school host clubs after school like movie club, art club and etc. I think the school is trying to expand their creativity through classes and programs.

1 point

I can relate cause people feel differantly about this situation. Would you feel the same if you had to euthanized a dog or a cat. Yes ill upset ,but if you have to euthanized a human being.Now thats a diffrent story.

1 point

Yes, its never an easy decision to make to make, but perhaps the kindest thing you can do for family member or patient. A decision concerning Euthanasia may be one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever make in your life. Euthanasia may sound like an evil thing to to , but necessary if you care for that person. Its not just any decision, its a personal decision and you have to make in order whats better or them. Not only it provides a way to relieve extreme pain, it also provides a way of relief when a persons quality of life is low.

Would you rather watch a loved one die in pain or would you rather help them ease that pain? How is Euthanasia on a family pet different from a human being? I may sound vicious ,but these are the type of questions need to answer before making that one important decision. Ive read an article about a fifty-nine year old, Briton Craig Ewert , recored his own death to broadcast all over London to show that Euthanasia is painless. He wanted his death recorded in order to show terminal illness does not have a result in a painful death.

There's no alternative for Euthanasia, its a just a choice, and someday you're going to be faced with a situation involving assisted suicide. Euthanasia should be legalized because it frees up medical funds for other people. I may sound greedy but if I had an accident and left me terminally ill, my family would know what to because we already talked about this. I wouldn't want my mom crying everyday for me ,waiting for me to wake or say something. Its another case of freedom of choice. You're not committing murder, you're freeing a life from misery.

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