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1 point

Philippines, India if you have someone to manage them and ensure they do the work and understand what to do, China - be careful of the contracts you set with them, Western Countries, Australia, Europe most countries, Pakistan is a possibility.

1 point

Well, I would definitely recommend to start from some resource I like the most, check out that provides useful information about sex, relationships, love, and health. Go ahead and no worries. Believe me, your sexual life will go back pretty soon. All the best

1 point

Well, to be honest I would rather advise to give a try to a GoMage product, check out its pwa features The thing is, that you can get everything you need straight out-of the box. Plus, you can set up online tax and shipping calculations and as a result your customers will know how much they’ll need to spend on delivery prior to checkout. This is super handy.

1 point

Without getting into a long discussion. LinkedIn has been my best friend for picking up clients and for supporting them as a Talent Management/Acquisition Consultant ….

I even include it as one of my tools when doing Socialmedia Strategy work (company/employee branding/campaign mgmt etc)

My cost for utilization of the LinkedIn platform and other recruiting products is passed on to my clients.

Hope this helps…

1 point

Thanx for your replies but none works for me. I will definitely try to find some other option or purchase online

1 point

That is not a way out in my situation. I`m only planning to purchase a set box online and looking for some options. Can you recommend any particular brand?

1 point

Well, it is hard to deny the very fact that such centers are very important. The best thing that I done in my life was a call to hospice care in america . I used to look for a hospice for my grandmother, she has some problems with health. So, it was a vital choice because she was feeling better and this assistance was a perfect option. I was pretty satisfied both with services and care. Simply give them a call

2 points

Well, I can tell u only crypto-euro exchanges, maybe it will come in handy. I use Blackcatcard. It has a euro account plus a hot crypto wallet in the app. As I’m very concerned about safety of my money, I was quite unwilling to use this option. But it turns to be ok. This card belongs to a European financial institution so it seems quite reliable. What's more, it's not just a hot crypto wallet but it is linked to a bank debit card with a lot of degrees of protection. U can check smth like this for dollar-fiat exchanges

2 points

Hi, I`ve already tried lots of different down loaders. Here is one mp3 converter

every music lover should know about. Simply give it a try and you`d never be the same. Music is something so fantastic that it is always keep it in your pocket. Cheers

3 points

There are number of businesses that can be set up in Dubai. Dubai is a business friendly country and most of there are Free Zones for the prospective business entrepreneurs. The successful businesses with minimum investment in Dubai include Food Chain, Hair Dresser shops, Laundry, mini mart etc. If you want to invest more, real state, garment company and super markets are most viable options for future business. For practical experience, you can plan to attend forthcoming Expo 2020 which would be a very big event in the UAE. In Expo 2020, there are lot of opportunities to meet international buyers and people around the world.

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