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RSS Clagonzalez

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In my experience I found that it is true. Not all the time and not in all the schools. Fortunately I have been in many schools in two different countries and I could expirement how each schoool work. When I was in Mexico, in schoool I could make my notes as I wanted. I could use my creativity to make my notes more fun in order to undestand, but when I begin the school in U.S was something new because in here exist a method called "Cornell Notes" is not difficult but I can not understand with that structure and you can not develop skills to creat your own methods. Many teacher have their own methods and they whated that you used too and not let you develop your mind and be independet.

Schools are instutions to teach us how to develop our creativity not to kill our imagination. Creativity is a skill that help you in your real life and this skill open you many doors.

2 points

The hardest pain is not what you may feel, but the pain that is produced and felt by the ones you love. I do not totally agree with euthanasia because who are we to decide who lives and dies? There is a book named "The slave" that details the life of a person that was in a vegetative condition. He discusses what he feels and what he saw during that process. Many times, he wanted to tell his family that he wanted to die but he could not. He didn't want cause pain for his family, and he didn't want to feel pain.

In this case, he survived, but this is not always the case. If the person has a disease that does not have a cure and you can not do anything, you only make your pain and the patient's pain linger.

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